ESTJ Myers Briggs

The ESTJ Myers Briggs personality type is the most organized and structured of all the 16 personality types. Being an extrovert, they enjoy socialization.


ESTJs are typical socialites. They are friendly, love to interact and network in large social groups.


Being a sensor personality, ESTJs use their sense organs to perceive information. They make sense of their immediate surroundings by sensory stimulations.


ESTJs are logical thinkers. They seek a reason behind every action or experience they face in their life. They never take things for granted rather try out the cause-effect relationships in detail.


ESTJ are judging types, thus they always want everything in order and system. They cannot work if things are unsystematic and messy. It makes them uncomfortable from deep within.

The Personality Profile of an ESTJ

The ESTJ personality type enjoys everything in order and in the right place. If they see messy stuff around them, they feel bitter and uncomfortable.

What Do ESTJs Delight In?

– ESTJs are inclined to follow traditions. – They would be the first one to maintain the status quo, if required. – ESTJs love to lead others towards righteous living.

What Do ESTJs Hate?

– ESTJs do not like sloppy work. – Someone lacks common sense. – An ESTJ would also hate people who complain a lot.

The ESTJ personality type is the pioneer and trendsetter of righteous living. They are organized and systematic, social and affable, practical and sensible in nature. They are guided by values and take pride in their judgments and decision making policies.