Have you ever come across someone who is an organized freak? Maybe he/she is someone who is assertive and never breaks down in adversities; someone whom others look up to for guidance and community building.

You should be rest assured that you have met an ESTJ Myers Briggs personality type. They are driven by goals and live by principles. The ESTJ personality type is logical and realistic, competent and meticulous.

They can become able leaders who shine in their own light. Let’s know more about this personality type in this post. 

ESTJ Myers Briggs – How They Are

The ESTJ personality type is the pioneer and trendsetter of righteous living. They are organized and systematic, social and affable, practical and sensible in nature. They are guided by values and take pride in their judgments and decision making policies.

The ESTJ Myers Briggs personality type is the most organized and structured of all the 16 personality types. Being an extrovert, they enjoy socialization. They are dynamic and driven by a set of rigid rules and principles that appears restrictive to others.

These individuals are headstrong and never give up in the face of struggles. They will fight the battle till undone. ESTJs are smart, vibrant, and socially skillful.

They live life with rules and follow them strictly. The ESTJ personality type is a thinking-judging type. This means they are thoughtful and possess a rigid mindset. They prefer to think straight and use a lot of logic and reason while deciding on the important matters in life.

ESTJs are torchbearers of rules and regulations. They lead the path of righteous living and others follow them. This builds up a community of honest and righteous living.

They are in love with traditions and customs prevalent in the society. You will see them following community rules without fail. People with ESTJ personality types prefer structure and organization. They do not keep loose ends in the work.

They also become efficient thought leaders whom others look up to for suggestions and good advice. ESTJs are meticulous and prefer to do things according to a definite plan.

They will not do anything that goes against their value system. ESTJs are the executives. They are honest and dedicated. They hate people who cheat or deceit others in some way.

ESTJs can take themselves out of any adversity because they are bold and assertive. They are not the ones to fall in a pit. You will always find them using their best skills to overcome odds in life.

ESTJs will stick to their basic values even in hard times. They have faith in their abilities. Thus, they become efficient leaders who know the art of sustaining amidst troubles in life.

They are risk takers and can make good action plans to realize their goals. They are action-oriented and believe in doing things rather than only discussing them.

ESTJ personalities may appear emotionally cold and arrogant in social circles. Their feeling function is poor and as such they are not skilled in understanding subtle feelings.

They are misunderstood in many cases where they are supposed to show soft feelings. The ESTJ type enjoys enforcing rules that others find rigid and inflexible. They are a bit orthodox and others find it hard to work with them.

The ESTJ personality type is brutally frank and can judge others fiercely. Sometimes, this behavior backfires and they are considered haughty and arrogant by others in various social spaces.

ESTJ type description

The four letter acronym ESTJ refers to extroverted, sensing, thinking, and judging personality types. This Myers Briggs type is outgoing, prefers to embrace the moments of life, thoughtful and logical-minded, and prefers structure and organization around them.

Now, let us expand the ESTJ type description in detail –

1. Extroverted

ESTJs are typical socialites. They are friendly, love to interact and network in large social groups. At the same time, they prefer to talk to others, even if they do not know them personally. 

They love to mingle with others. Being a sociable person, ESTJs love to participate in group activities. These individuals are charismatic and socially presentable. 

Armed with good communication skills, they can become able leaders and guide others in desirable ways. Extroverts prefer the spotlight. 

They are assertive and dependable. Maybe ESTJs are the most captivating and appealing MBTI personality type. 

2. Sensing

Being a sensor personality, ESTJs use their sense organs to perceive information. They make sense of their immediate surroundings by sensory stimulations. These individuals are present focused and enjoy life just as it is.

People with ESTJ personality types are practical and believe in concrete things, they are not daydreamers or speculative types. 

Instead, they see life in black and white, right and wrong. They are sensible and take planned action. ESTJ decisions are based on logic and reasoning in almost all walks of life.

3. Thinking

ESTJs are logical thinkers. They seek a reason behind every action or experience they face in their life. They never take things for granted rather try out the cause-effect relationships in detail.

Being a thinking personality type, ESTJs are objective and rational. Their decisions are never done in a hurry; rather they take a lot of time in deciding the vital things in life.

For them, emotions can make one weak and submissive. 

Thus, they rely upon reasoning and rationality to figure out the meanings of various happenings in life. ESTJs think straight. They use common sense and values to guide their path in life. 

The thinking personalities are usually stubborn and rely on facts and not tact to solve issues in life.

4. Judging

ESTJ are judging types, thus they always want everything in order and system. They cannot work if things are unsystematic and messy. It makes them uncomfortable from deep within.

They prefer clarity and closure. They can never accept things that are incomplete or appear unsystematic. Their strong sense of creating order and structure helps them plan perfectly and accomplish goals effortlessly. 

ESTJs efficiently follow work deadlines and live by it. They never procrastinate and waste time for no reason. 

The Personality profile of an ESTJ

The ESTJ personality type enjoys everything in order and in the right place. If they see messy stuff around them, they feel bitter and uncomfortable.

ESTJs are methodical in everything they do. They find peace when things are done as per the rules and guidelines. In life, they show utmost competence and never leave a stone unturned when it comes to accomplishing a big goal in life.

ESTJs are dedicated and honest. They pay attention to values that guide their moral conduct and ethical living. They stick to what is right and never fall into cheating or malicious activities.

ESTJs have poor feeling function. They are not good at expressing their finer emotions and as such appear cold and affectless at times. Others misunderstand them as haughty and rude but in reality; they struggle a lot when it comes to handling complex human feelings.

Another notable trait of yours is, you would enjoy criticizing people in a constructive manner and not mind facing criticism for the sake of improvement.

ESTJs are responsible people and remain accountable for their actions and behavior.

They are the ones who prefer to follow a strict schedule, hates procrastinating and follows a rational outlook towards life.

Time management and decisiveness are your strengths. You just want to get things done on time and in a methodical way. You believe that time is the essence and thus give tremendous value to it.

The bottom line is, you are conventional and prefer to live in reality. Long term planning and future imaginations are not for you. 

Like any other ESTJ, you look for ways to meet your deadlines and accomplish goals that you have set for yourself. You are confident, task-oriented, and well-organized. 

No one can defeat you in systems and methods, as if you are born with these skills.

The chief personality traits that make up your personality type are as follows:

ESTJ people have certain key personality traits that make them different from all others. They maintain and value these traits throughout their life.

These personality traits are enduring qualities that stay with them. They either adorn or blemish their nature in specific ways.

The personality traits look like this – 

  • Organized
  • Systematic
  • Meticulous
  • Planned
  • Goal-oriented
  • Decisive
  • Thoughtful
  • Analytical
  • Scheduled
  • Loves to initiate work
  • Focused and impactful
  • Social and friendly
  • Dependable
  • Value-driven

How common are ESTJs?

ESTJs enjoy taking a forefront role in workplaces. They will bring order and structure wherever they are. They are quite commonly found in the general population.

ESTJs are fifth most common types present in the United States. They are found in 9% of the general population. They are quite commonly seen amongst men who constitute 11%. Among females, ESTJs account for 6%.

Overall, ESTJs represent 8.7% in United States.

What do ESTJs delight in?

ESTJs are committed and hardworking people. They like no-nonsense from others both in their personal and professional life. You will never see them engaging in small talks or backbiting others.

ESTJs are born leaders. Thus, they love leadership roles immensely. They are competent in handling complex projects, can work well in groups. 

These individuals are firm and assertive. They like people who are humble, tolerant, and grateful in every ways.

There are certain things in their daily life that attract the ESTP the most.

  • They love stability and predictability in whatever they are doing in their personal and professional life.
  • ESTJs like honest people who respect personal values and traditional ideas.
  • They are frank and straight talkers and cannot understand emotional drama at all.
  • They prefer things that tend to run smoothly because they dislike messy stuff.
  • Most ESTJs like to be honored for who they are.
  • Being a typical extrovert, ESTJs love public attention. They hate being criticized at their back, though they’re equally good at understanding the emotions of other people.
  • They prefer sensible judgments that are constructive and not meant to hurt others.
  • ESTJs are inclined to follow traditions.
  • They would be the first one to maintain the status quo, if required.
  • ESTJs love to lead others towards righteous living.
  • ESTJ strengths lie in logic and reasoning and not emotions.
  • They are able communicators and also like people who are straight about their expectations.

What do ESTJs hate?

There are so many things in daily life that these people are not comfortable with. 

  • ESTJs do not like sloppy work.
  • Someone lacks common sense.
  • An ESTJ would also hate people who complain a lot. 
  • They hate blaming others.
  • Behave like an unprofessional at work.
  • ESTJs hate being challenged and told what they are supposed to do.
  • ESTJs hate inefficient people who lack work seriousness
  • They hate people dismissing their opinion in social setups.
  • To see someone not paying attention to details.
  • When an individual only talks but does not take any action.
  • See someone having a lack of ambition.
  • Inconsistency is something that irritates an ESTJ personality type individual.
  • They dislike seeing mistakes being repeated deliberately.
  • ESTJs never prefer lack of ambition and focus in life.

ESTJ learning style

Their key learning style involves the following facts –

  • ESTJs are sensing personalities. Thus, they learn well through sensory stimulations.
  • They love to experience the present moment and learn things in a realistic way.
  • These individuals thrive well in structured setups where they know what is coming next in line.
  • They are good at analyzing situations deeply and learn every small detail about the matter in hand.
  • ESTJs are thoughtful decision makers. They will follow each and every detail of a situation before arriving at a decision.
  • ESTJs learn well when instructions given to them are clear and straightforward.
  • They prefer a consistent routine to learn and perform as per their abilities; otherwise they may fail in their endeavors.
  • They prefer taking notes while learning.
  • ESTJs like learning concrete facts and not abstract ideas that lack clarity.
  • They do well in group activities.
  • Being an extrovert, they remain open to learning from others, yet at times try to dominate their social space.
  • All ESTJs are critical thinkers. They learn by analyzing, organizing facts and figures.
  • They love to discuss and enjoy interacting with others so as to learn the facts well.
  • They love hands-on learning, being a sensing personality type.
  • ESTJs work well with peers and can have engaging discussions with everyone.

To Sum Up

ESTJ Myers Briggs is resourceful, organized, and talented. They are motivated by the outcome of their efforts. Armed with dedication and hard work, they love doing things in an organized manner.

They love to take charge because they are clear about the future course of action. This makes them bold leaders as well. Being a self-confident person, they just make things happen the way it should be.

These people never compromise on values and ethics. They are great in dealing with risks and challenges equally well.