What are the ESTJ personality traits?

ESTJs are realists and they do things that are aligned with their traditional mindset. They are in love with order and systems.

1. You are an organized freak

ESTJs are organized and systematic in all their work pursuits. Messy things irritate them a lot.

2. You are skilled and competent

ESTJs are never ill prepared before an event. They are competent and skillful in whatever they do and act upon.

3. You are dependable and patient

ESTJs are reliable and you can trust them blindly. They make sure that they do the right things in the right way.

5.You hate to act pretentious

ESTJs are humble and grounded. They do not show off unnecessarily and hate being with those who pretend to be someone else than who they really are.

6. ESTJs are stubborn

Sometimes ESTJs fail to understand that there could be some other better ways of doing things. They act stubborn and prefer not to listen to others.

7. You will never procrastinate

ESTJs will never procrastinate because they hate this behavior from deep inside.

8. Workaholic

ESTJs are workaholics. They are energetic and active and like to accomplish tasks on time.

The ESTJ personality type may find it hard to keep in touch with their subtle emotions. They are less expressive and cannot relate with the feelings of others. As such, ESTJ type appears emotionally stunted. They are somewhat emotionally closed off and struggle to make their presence felt in a social arena.