When we talk about ESTJ personality traits, one thing that strikes us is their sense of organization and methodology. They are picture perfect when it comes to planning and structure certain important aspects of their life.

People with ESTJ personality type are bold and assertive. They give importance to their personal set of values more than anything else in life. 

Their feeling function is poor and as such they may appear less expressive in social settings. Although they are the typical extroverts who love to mingle with large groups of people, they never do anything that goes against their principles.

Let’s learn about their notable traits that make them who they are

ESTJ Personality traits

ESTJs are realists and they do things that are aligned with their traditional mindset. They are in love with order and systems. You will never see an ESTJ working out of the box. They prefer consistent settings that are mundane and always remain fixed.

These people do not prefer change. They struggle to thrive in situations that demand flexibility and openness. ESTJs are traditionalists and follow society conventions dearly.

They prefer not to make mistakes as much as possible because they are perfectionists as well. They give a lot of priority in doing tasks that lead them to goal accomplishment.

Having a no-nonsense attitude towards life, ESTJs prefer to take life seriously. They are committed towards their personal relationships. In workplaces, they display unmatched effort and are usually liked by everyone.

ESTJs are extroverts, so it’s obvious that they love to talk and mingle with others. Their life’s path is guided by strong values. They will never do anything that can cause harm to the others living in the community.

They are thought leaders and community builders par excellence. Others look up to them as model citizens as well.

ESTJs give importance to facts and evidence and not on ideas and abstract concepts. They prefer to see life as it appears in reality. ESTJs live in the present and prefer to stay tuned to their sensory experiences.

They do not think beyond their present time because they enjoy being in the present time. ESTJs are logical minds that prefer prior planning and organization before jumping into a new project.

They will never do things just for the sake of doing it, rather work very hard to accomplish the assigned tasks. These individuals are also known as managers, executives, and supervisors because they love to guide others in correct ways, so that things are accomplished just on time.

20 ESTJ Personality traits in detail

Some of the key signs that you are an ESTJ personality type are as follows:

1. You are an organized freak

ESTJs are organized and systematic in all their work pursuits. Messy things irritate them a lot. They dislike disorganized house and office desks equally bitterly.

Since they hate chaos, they will always try hard to put everything in the correct place and order. ESTJs feel satisfied if everything surrounding them is methodical and systematic. Any type of chaos and commotion makes them feel unhappy and irritated.

Your office desk will be picture perfect and your personal closet will be well organized, no matter how much time you do take in seating everything in order.

2. You are skilled and competent

ESTJs are never ill prepared before an event. They are competent and skillful in whatever they do and act upon. Powered by a high achievement motive, you always strive to become the best in everything.

You will never do things just like that. Your meticulous mindset tells you to remain perfect all the time, no matter how difficult the task may be for you.

3. You are a lover of rules and conventions

ESTJs are keen to follow rules because you believe that if no specific rules are in place, the social structure may crumble into pieces. There will be chaos all around and you will not be able to relate with such a turmoil going around.

Just as there are certain rules for everything, you also think that pointless rules are to be broken. ESTJs are logical and trust their keen observation power to judge which rule they should follow and which they should defy.

4. You are dependable and patient

ESTJs are reliable and you can trust them blindly. They make sure that they do the right things in the right way. 

Regarding your professional endeavors, people can trust you with an assigned task. You are not the one to leave something halfway. In spite of all the struggles that may come, you’ll surely accomplish your task.

At the same time, you are patient and will never lose your temper without a reason. ESTJs are loyal and faithful people. They never do anything that can hurt others’ sentiments.

5. You prefer justice above everything else

ESTJs never mind taking sides for the weaker sections of the community. They prefer to safeguard the interests of all. They dislike people who cheat and manipulate others to meet their unscrupulous intentions.

You will always try to shape other’s lives with values, discipline, and self-sufficiency. At times, you will try to teach people important life lessons through punishment so that they understand justice and equality.

6. You hate to act pretentious

ESTJs are humble and grounded. They do not show off unnecessarily and hate being with those who pretend to be someone else than who they really are.

You are down to earth and prefer to stay away from the spotlight. You will be the last one to show off or blow your trumpet in public spaces.

Lots of emotional drama, showy business is not for you. You seem to feel very uncomfortable in such situations. You prefer to remain level-headed and simple always.

7. Your sense of responsibility is just awesome

ESTJs have a great sense of responsibility. They make sure that their family members are leading a happy life, their friends are also fit and fine, and they do only what is right and ethical.

ESTJs also love to extend their warm support to those who are in need. Though they are not good at expressing feelings or understanding the emotions of others, they do help others in times of distress.

These people always take the workload on their shoulders in workplaces. They feel responsible for the group project and will always move out of their comfort zone to assist team members and share the workload as much as possible.

8. ESTJs are stubborn

Sometimes ESTJs fail to understand that there could be some other better ways of doing things. They act stubborn and prefer not to listen to others. 

These individuals may not like others not giving importance to their point of view. They dislike change and act rigid when it comes to proving their opinions in front of others.

ESTJs look forward to only tried and tested tools of problem solving. They cannot use innovation and thus act stubborn and rigid at times.

9. You will never procrastinate

ESTJs will never procrastinate because they hate this behavior from deep inside. Decisiveness is their key strength and they prefer to take actions quickly. 

They never sit back with their ideas rather chalks out an appropriate plan to deliver it into action. Moreover, they do not like people who take a lot of time in decision making, or put off their decisions by giving some weird excuses.

10. Workaholic

ESTJs are workaholics. They are energetic and active and like to accomplish tasks on time. You are dedicated and putting effort into something that you love to do helps you to reach your goals easily.

For you, profession plays a vital role in your life. You are happy in your career choice and always look out for better skill development.

Sometimes you may give too much attention to your job and your family and friends may feel neglected.

Thus, it’s important that you maintain a good work-life balance so that you can keep others happy as well in your daily life.

11. You do not understand ambiguity and double messages

ESTJs enjoy straight talk even if it’s a critical one. They love to hear honest comments from others. Hidden meanings and double messages are not in their control at all. 

ESTJs cannot manipulate and as such they are not good at understanding double messages. They love to convey their messages in a direct way and expect the same from others.

12. Lack of control over the situation

ESTJs feel stressed out if the situation seems to go out of their control. They love to organize their surroundings and have full control over them. But if they lose their grip over the situation, they may feel anxious and irritated. 

As these individuals are very confident of their abilities, they may feel bad if others turn out their opinions or do not allow them to take a leadership role in any situation.

13. You are open to constructive criticism

ESTJs can handle criticisms well. If they find that they are being criticized for a common good, then they are open to make alterations in their behavior.

These individuals do not take things personally. Their feeling function is inferior, thus you will not see them drowned in an emotional drama, if criticized and judged.

On the contrary, they are also open to offer criticisms to others.

14. Your senses are quite strong

Being a sensing personality, you are aware of sensations happening inside your body. You have a sharp sense of smell, taste, or touch. 

You will quickly understand the change in flavor, or notice a bad smell, much earlier than others. Sometimes, this nature of yours’ can make you a picky eater as well.

15. You have a relaxed side as well

People may think you’re a no nonsense type always but they do not know that you have a casual and zany side as well. At home, you are a loving and humorous person.

Your offbeat creativity can make you an adorable person in social spheres. Sometimes, you prefer deep discussions and also find interest in silly topics. 

People may not know your light mood because you appear too strict and methodical in your approach towards life.

16. You are in touch with your feelings

During times of stress, ESTJs prefer to self-introspect and delve deeper into their emotional world. Since you always try to solve issues with logic and reason, and sometimes it may not work, you may feel restless and overwhelmed.

A continuous sense of stress can make you feel insecure and anxious. Your feeling traits are weak and that makes you vulnerable. 

This is a time when you need to understand that everything cannot be fixed with logic. Human emotions do play a very important part in structuring and organizing your inner and outer world.

17. You prefer non-personal debates and discussions

ESTJs are the ones who never like others to intrude into their personal life. So they prefer light intellectual discussions or silly conversations but never get into personal discussions of any kind.

18. You can easily form opinions

ESTJs are opinionated people who are quick to form opinions about events and incidents and people too. It doesn’t take long to delve into a matter and give a different view on it.

Sometimes, you can even change your mind if there is enough evidence that tells you that you’re wrong. This shows that if the situation demands, you can be flexible as well.

19. Lifestyle changes can make you anxious

You are not the one to embrace change easily because it makes you feel anxious and insecure about your ability to do certain things in life. 

Since you prefer familiarity and a routine life, you may find it hard to deal with unexpected changes. If you are to accept any change, you may prefer to have more time to prepare, plan, and make necessary changes in your schedule to accommodate the change gracefully.

20. Preparing outlines is a habit

ESTJs are methodical people, so they prefer to make a layout of everything that they intend to do. Even if it’s a vacation plan or a business meeting, you will chalk out an outline beforehand to avoid last minute rush.

To Sum Up

The ESTJ personality type may find it hard to keep in touch with their subtle emotions. They are less expressive and cannot relate with the feelings of others.

As such, ESTJ type appears emotionally stunted. They are somewhat emotionally closed off and struggle to make their presence felt in a social arena.