ESTJ Stress Triggers and How Do They Cope with Stress

ESTJs love to organize stuff around them and maintain order. When they come across people who go against their norm, ESTJs come under stress.

Factors leading to stress in ESTJ personalities

Disorganization and chaos

ESTJ personality type people become frustrated when they see people not conducting themselves in an organized manner.

Inconsistency in relationships

When it comes to relationships, ESTJs always look for consistency. They struggle when others fail to maintain the same and behave haphazardly.

Vulnerable situations

All those individuals with the ESTJ personality type cannot feel empathetic or express emotions when they have to confront emotionally vulnerable situations.

Facing disappointments from others

ESTJs usually have high expectations from those people, who they feel carry the tremendous potential to do something big in life.

Unwanted changes in the environment

ESTJs live in the present moment and they hate changes taking place without prior intimation.

Working on your own

This is another factor that leads to stress in an ESTJ personality type person. They hate working alone, with no one assisting them in any manner.

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