ESTJ vs. ENTJ shows the functional contrasts between the two personality types. Both these personality types share common traits and thus are hard to pin down at the outset.

The Points of Similarities Between ESTJ and ENTJ

ENTJs and ESTJs look similar personality types. They have similar functional stacking as far as their cognitive functions are concerned.

– They think deeply and rationally. – They love to talk and interact with large groups of people.

– They hate being left out and prefer the public attention in subtle ways. – Both these types decide logically and give importance to tangible facts.

ESTJ vs. ENTJ – The Key Differences

ESTJs thrive on order and tradition to become successful in their professional lives. ENTJs thrive on excellence.

ESTJs are Bold, assertive, and highly focused in their work. For them, failure is another step closer to success. vs. ENTJs are competitive, bold, and ruthlessly ambitious. They hate failures and wish to win in all circumstances.

ESTJs love organization and tend to have a systematic approach in life. Vs. ENTJs will work in already structured setups. They will not take effort to organize things just like ESTJs.

ESTJs prefer casual looks and comfortable outfits during occasions. Vs. ENTJs will wear outfits that match the event or occasion. They prefer not to innovate much with their dressing style.

ESTJs are keen to bring order to everything that is chaotic and messy and they are less stubborn. On the other side, ENTJs are future planners, more stubborn, and dominating in nature.