ESTP Careers

ESTP Careers opportunity involves jobs that give them ample room to have challenges that they crave in their workplaces.

1. Entrepreneur

ESTPs are proactive and have an excellent business mind. They can set up their own venture much easily because of their independent mindset.

2. Actor

ESTPs are social butterflies and they have huge fan followers wherever they go.

3. Construction manager

ESTPs can become excellent construction managers because they love to tackle immediate issues.

4. Sports and athletics

ESTPs are active and enthusiastic personality types. Thus, they will shine in sports activities that require a lot of high energy and action.

5. Firefighter

ESTPs are quick and prompt in their actions and decisions. They are physically fit and mentally active as well.

6. Police officers

ESTPs are prompt and sharp. They will do the needful to solve immediate issues that are causing problems in the community.

7. Sales manager

ESTPs have good persuasive skills. Thus, they will excel in selling jobs where they are required to persuade clients and customers to buy the product of the company.

8. Detective

ESTPs are quick to notice changes in their immediate surroundings. They are also good at seeing problems in detail because of their keen observation power.

ESTPs will always thrive in career roles that give them an opportunity to work at their own pace without any interference or micro-managing.