ESTP Careers opportunity involves jobs that give them ample room to have challenges that they crave in their workplaces. With their urge to know the unknown, they choose careers that are proactive, challenging, and innovative.

Being a perceiving personality type, ESTPs cannot work in structured work setups. They will find it extremely hard to survive in routine and monotonous job roles.

Thus, they will never take up a career role that makes them feel stuck. They are willing to test new ideas in creative ways.

In this short post, we will highlight the various career options that these individuals may take up in their real life.

12 Career Options for ESTP personality type

The ESTP personality type believes in action. They are quick decision makers and prefer to choose career paths that allow innovation and creativity. The entrepreneur, as they are rightly called, thrives in careers that allow thrill, good social networking, and learning by doing.

They are skilled communicators, thus social networking is an asset that they already have in plenty. ESTPs are bold and have great improvisational ability. Thus, certain career roles are most suitable for them. 

These individuals can become efficient sales manager, business executives in an organization because of their persuasive nature.

These individuals can motivate others to purchase things from the company, thereby increasing the sale counts quite easily.

People with ESTP personality types also prefer to take big and small risks whenever needed. These individuals are proactive and never wait for their superior to tell them what needs to be done. 

They take a call on their own and climb the career ladder very fast by hard work and determination.

The ESTP personality type will never get into boring and stable 9 to 5 career roles. They prefer challenges and innovation and thrive well in exciting job settings, where they will be given a chance to work independently and take decisions freely.

Work restrictions, rigid rules, and routine jobs can make these people crazy in no time. People with ESTP personalities live life with their own terms and conditions. ESTPs hate being guided and micro-managed and want to be their ‘own boss’.

As they crave immediate results, so hate delaying business decisions. They are a little impatient type and may make quick decisions that they will repent later on.

ESTPs believe in hands-on learning experiences because they are sensing personalities. Their gut feeling is weak and thus they will struggle with careers that demand long term planning. 

Certain job roles are not for them, such as financial advisor, stock exchange broker, or real estate agent as these career paths require structuring and long term planning.

As ESTPs are enthusiastic action-takers. They will thrive in sports, creative fields, or as detectives, and business executives because ESTPs enjoy being on a move always.

Some of the best career matches for them are discussed below:

1. Entrepreneur

ESTPs are proactive and have an excellent business mind. They can set up their own venture much easily because of their independent mindset.

As we know, these individuals hate being micro-managed and as such they prefer flexibility in the work they would be doing.

After all, what else can give them the freedom of decision making other than their own business venture. ESTPs also have good leadership ability. 

They can inspire and persuade other members to work hard and achieve success. ESTPs can become good entrepreneurs because they also possess good communication skills and networking ability.

They can provide psychologically safe workplaces for others to thrive happily. Moreover, they are risk takers and they are ready to face the consequences of their decision. This openness to change is good for any entrepreneurship.

2. Actor

ESTPs are social butterflies and they have huge fan followers wherever they go. These individuals are typical extroverts who like to mingle and have enough people skills to act socially. They also love to be in the spotlight always. 

Their social intelligence and presence of mind is just awesome. With their articulated skills, they have the ability to win hearts in no time.

ESTPs are open-minded and can adapt to changing circumstances. This quality is important for being an actor.

Acting will be both a rewarding and challenging career for an ESTP. They will get enough opportunity to showcase their talent and remain popular in the public eye, as ESTPs always have desired for. 

The acting career will also allow for creativity and innovation to sustain in their place of work.

Moreover, the profession will provide a lot of variety which they always desire in their lives.

3. Business development manager

Having an entrepreneur mindset, ESTPs prefer career roles that will give them a chance to lead others. At the same time, it will allow for quick decision making regarding business plans that they always prefer.

This career path will lead to healthy business connections, networking with other market leaders and help the company soar up high with more completion to look forward to. ESTPs are ideal negotiators. 

They have the power to persuade others in many different ways. Thus, this job role will suit their mindset fully.

4. Construction manager

ESTPs can become excellent construction managers because they love to tackle immediate issues. Moreover, they will love the vibrant and ever changing nature of the construction site. Their strong managerial ability will help them to lead the workers in desired ways.

ESTPs also have the power to inspire and motivate others with their hard work. They will put the effort that other workers will observe and imbibe in their daily skills. 

Moreover, the job role will fulfill their action-oriented mindset. They will be allowed to work at their heart’s content.

5. Sports and athletics

ESTPs are active and enthusiastic personality types. Thus, they will shine in sports activities that require a lot of high energy and action. Moreover, they possess a competitive mindset and love to take challenges. Sports will allow them to stay focused and think about long term goals. 

They will be able to express their energy in productive ways. ESTPs are flexible and easygoing types, though they are highly passionate about the career they choose to flourish and succeed in life.

The world of professional sports will make them more disciplined and structured which they would delight at some point in their life.

ESTPs prefer public attention, so being a sportsperson will give them the society recognition that they crave. 

Their quick adaptability skills make them adjust to more tough situations in life. In sports and athletics, they will outshine others with their performance and positivity to win and only win.

6. Firefighter

ESTPs are quick and prompt in their actions and decisions. They are physically fit and mentally active as well. Thus, they can handle crisis situations better than other 16 personality Myers Briggs types.

This makes them choose emergency services such as police personnel or a firefighter. Being a firefighter, they will show their eagerness to help people and save life and property at the earliest.

ESTPs also prefer thrill and adventure. They are skilled in seeing immediate problems and find easy solutions to them. 

Thus, they are well equipped to provide aid to others in emergency situations such as a fire breakout in the locality.

7. Police officers

As ESTPs are sensing personalities, they can easily sense problems around them. Moreover, they are quick to analyze situations that need immediate attention. ESTPs are prompt and sharp. They will do the needful to solve immediate issues that are causing problems in the community.

Thus, an emergency service like a police officer role suits their personality style. The adventure loving personality of an ESTP will suit well in a police role.

They can handle emergencies because of their witty and quick mindset.

ESTPs are ready to face challenges and danger much more easily than others. They can also respond thoughtfully to unpredictable situations. ESTPs can take decisive actions in tough situations as well.

8. Sales manager

ESTPs have good persuasive skills. Thus, they will excel in selling jobs where they are required to persuade clients and customers to buy the product of the company. 

They possess super good verbal communication skills and can motivate others to follow what they are saying.

Being an effective communicator, they also get a chance to convey the message to customers in a simple and easily understandable way. 

Their vibrant and charismatic nature makes them socially liked fellows. Others often get attracted to their sayings.

So, in a way, a sales manager job will suit them well because they will be able to fulfill the sales target of the organization. Moreover, they will help people decide on the right choice of commodities that will be beneficial for them also. 

9. Creative director

ESTPs can also take up creative direction as a preferred career path. They are creative and critical thinkers. They decide logically and invest a lot of time in articulation and creation of new ideas.

Creative directors also lead a team of artists and ESTPs can use their democratic leadership style to build up engaging teams who will be both creative and risk-taking in nature.

10. Detective

ESTPs are quick to notice changes in their immediate surroundings. They are also good at seeing problems in detail because of their keen observation power. They have the ability to get into the basics of the problem. So, a detective role will surely suit this personality type.

Moreover, they are able communicators and logical thinkers. They will be able to relate the sequence of events one by one in a crime scene and can catch the offender very fast. 

ESTPs are sharp and witty. They will use their analytical powers to understand the motive behind a crime and take necessary actions to punish the criminal.

11. Paramedical staff

A paramedical staff handles emergency situations. They react quickly and give necessary aid to the sufferers as early as possible. This career path will surely suit an ESTP because they are also prompt in giving services and meeting emergency situations.

ESTPs also show a high level of accuracy in their work. Regarding their work, they are serious and never do anything that can stain their career in some way. 

12. Life coach

ESTPs can become efficient life coaches and counselors. This is because of their ability to connect and interact with large groups of people. They love to offer good advice to those in need.

ESTPs are also equipped to handle unpredictable challenges. So, they can also take care of the life skills issues that someone is suffering from. 

At the same time, ESTPs are informal, relaxed, and easygoing fellows. This makes them easily approachable types. Others can share their life problems with them with the feeling of being heard and understood.

Careers to avoid

ESTPs can thrive in flexible and open-ended career paths. They cannot sustain jobs that require them to follow strict rules and regulations or set procedures of some kind.

Similarly, they cannot handle routine 9 to 5 jobs that are monotonous and make them feel drained out completely. They may feel stuck behind a desk job role that requires the same stuff every day.

There are some career options where ESTPs will struggle a lot. If they pursue such a path, they might have to make a lot of adjustments to accommodate themselves in a better way in the job role.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Writer
  • Psychologist
  • Teacher
  • Tax consultant
  • Stock market expert
  • Librarian
  • Consultant
  • Social worker
  • Electrical engineer
  • Chef
  • Museum curator
  • Office clerk
  • Data analyst
  • Chemist
  • Doctor
  • Artist

To Sum Up

ESTPs will always thrive in career roles that give them an opportunity to work at their own pace without any interference or micro-managing.

They will be motivated to work where they can use all their key strengths to solve present day work-related problems. 

For an ESTP, career paths are all about innovation and creation that actually satisfies their curiosity and feeds their logical mind fully.