ESTP Myers Briggs – The Energetic Accomplisher

ESTPs are extroverted sensing types. This means they derive their mental energies from social participation, networking, and the outside world. They are enthusiastic, agile, and active in nature.

Extroverted  ESTPs derive their mental energy from social interaction and communication.

Sensing  ESTPs use their senses to understand and perceive the world around them.

 Thinking   ESTPs are thoughtful and prefer to live in a space of their own where they can ponder over known and unknown ideas.

Perceiving  ESTPs are flexible and open-minded. They are relaxed in nature. So they prefer working with new ideas.

What ESTPs delight?

Outdoor activities keep them mentally active.

What ESTPs hate?

They hate to do routine tasks and may lose focus if asked to continue with the same work for a long time.