ESTP Relationships and Compatibility

ESTP as a romantic partner: ESTPs are proactive and prefer action-packed married life. Daily thrills and adventure keeps them lively in the relationship.

ESTP as a friend ESTP friends love to explore and experiment with their friends. They use their sensory stimulations to become aware of their friends, their needs, etc.

ESTP as a parent ESTP parents are real supporters and nurturers in their children’s life. They are fun-loving, and witty. But at the same time, they teach good discipline to them as well.

ESTP compatibility with ENFP: ENFPs are intuitive-feeling types. They will help the ESTPs to think long term and use their gut feeling in making vital life decisions.

ESTP compatibility with INFP: The introverted INFP can teach ESTP to become more reserved and quiet. On the other hand, the ESTP can learn to become more compassionate and adjustable from the INFPs.

ESTP compatibility with ENFJ: ENFJs will offer creative solutions to problems because they use their intuition to see long term possibilities and thereby resolve issues their way.

A person with ESTP personality type is hyperactive and impulsive. They are spontaneous and can make many hasty and weird decisions in relationships.