Famous persons with Enneagram 8 are those individuals who are strong, assertive, and self-confident. They can be resourceful, protective, and straightforward. On the other hand, these people can even be dominating and egoistic. These individuals feel the need to have control over their environment. It is especially applicable to people who can become egoistic and dominating.

An Enneagram Type 8 is the Challenger. It is so because out of all the enneagram types, type eights love accepting challenges and giving others enough opportunities that challenge them to go over and above their capacity in some manner. These people have loads of charisma and possess physical and psychological capabilities. They help influence others toward performing various activities.

Eights carry great enthusiasm and willpower. These individuals feel at their best when they use them to make a mark in the world.

50 Famous Persons with Enneagram 8

The famous persons with Enneagram eight personality types contain celebrities from various walks of life. They carry traits that help them make up their personality type. These people use their charisma to lead and provoke others into carrying out various responsibilities.

Enneagram 8s are self-competent people who focus on achieving their goals. They use their boldness to get through different walks of life. These people take immense pride in their independent nature and sharp minds. Eights hold their heads high. They have the confidence to pick themselves back up soon after suffering a setback. It enables them to gain greater strength than ever before. These individuals tend to revolt against the rules and regulations of this society.

They never allow the opinions of others to have any effect on their stance on an issue. It is so because these people take pride in being self-sufficient and capable. These individuals tend to advocate strongly for others. Eights focus on maintaining justice, fighting oppression, and protecting the weak. They know that this world consists of different kinds of individuals. Due to Eights’ mental strength, they always make sure to stay beside those who are weak.

The following segment carries an extensive list of celebrities with enneagram eight personality types. They possess high energy. Their approach remains straightforward while dealing with different scenarios. These individuals do not shy away from leading from the front and making tough decisions. There is no basic fear of conflict within them. Eights even do not bother about boundaries. They can take charge of situations and remain at ease in leadership positions.

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It is now time to compile a comprehensive list of 50 enneagram type 8 celebrities. This list will make you realize who these people are –

  1. Mark Cuban, American Entrepreneur
  2. Chelsea Handler, American Comedian
  3. Bernie Sanders, United States Senator
  4. Barbara Walters, Former American Broadcast Journalist
  5. Donald Trump, Former President of the United States
  6. Dr. Phil McGraw, American Television Personality
  7. Kathy Bates, American Director
  8. Rosanne Barr, American Writer & Comedian
  9. Pablo Picasso, a Former Spanish Painter
  10. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Former American President
  11. Toni Morrison, Former American Novelist
  12. Amy Klobuchar, Former American Politician
  13.  Winston Churchill, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  14.  Martin Luther King Jr., Former American Baptist Minister
  15.  Russell Crowe, New Zealand-born Actor
  16.  Chris Hemsworth, an Australian Actor
  17. Kathleen Turner, American Actress
  18.  Samuel L. Jackson, American Actor & Producer
  19. Katharine Hepburn, Former American Actress
  20. Danny DeVito, American Comedian
  21. Michael Fassbender, an Irish Actor
  22. Alec Baldwin, American Comedian
  23. Oscar Isaac, Guatemalan-American Actor
  24. Bruce Lee, Former American Martial Artist
  25. Christian Bale, English Actor
  26. Tom Hardy, English Actor
  27. Gene Simmons, Israeli-American Musician
  28.  Frank Sinatra, Former American Singer
  29. Elizabeth Gillies, American Actress
  30. Denzel Washington, American Actor
  31. Robert de Niro, American Actor
  32. Queen Latifah, American Rapper
  33.  Johnny Cash, Former American Singer
  34. Tupac Shakur, Former American Rapper
  35. Henry Rollins, American Singer
  36. Miyamoto Musashi, a Former Japanese Philosopher
  37. Georges Sorel, Former French Historian
  38.  Cornel West, an American Philosopher
  39.  Socrates, a Former Greek Philosopher
  40.  Rosa Luxemburg, Former Polish Revolutionary
  41.  Muhammad Ali, Former American Boxer
  42.  Diego Maradona, Former Argentine Footballer
  43.  Alex Ferguson, Former Football Manager
  44.  Blake Griffin, American Basketball Player
  45. Sergio Ramos, Spanish Footballer
  46. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Swedish Footballer
  47. Johan Cruyff, Former Dutch Footballer
  48. Jimmy Butler, American Basketball Player
  49. Alexandra Trusova, Russian Figure Skater
  50. Kim Yeon-Koung, a South Korean Volleyball Player

Final Words

The comprehensive list of 50 famous persons with Enneagram personality type 8 contains celebrities from various walks of life. People across the world know most of them very well through their work.

There are others people might not recognize easily. Still, they are in no way less proficient in comparison to other well-known celebrities. All these renowned personalities have made names for themselves through their impressive performances across professions.

These celebrities always carry the basic desire to express their power and avoid all kinds of vulnerabilities. They portray an assertive, decisive, and confident image to others. Eights are intimidating and can strongly argue to prove their point to others. It comes from their ability to stand up for what they feel is right.