All about ESTP Workplace Habits and Communication Style

ESTP as a colleague As colleagues, ESTPs are popular because their charismatic nature attracts the public eye easily.

ESTP as a subordinate ESTPs are more likely to struggle and suffer immensely in this role because they hate being dominated or micro-managed by others in all walks of life.

ESTP as a manager As managers, ESTPs are wonderful leaders. They know the art of collaboration and networking pretty well.

ESTP personality type and workplace communication When ESTPs communicate with others, they prefer straight talk. They like people to share their opinions and judgments upfront.

Having a meeting with ESTP personality type ESTPs don’t like out of the way discussions when it is not needed. They prefer to talk about mutual collaboration and team efforts in group meetings.

ESTP personality type and conflict resolution in the workplace ESTPs are peace loving people. So they avoid conflicts at all costs. At times, they may get into disagreements with others. But thanks to their patience, they never let their temper go out of control.

ESTPs prefer flexible work settings with minimal rules in place, so that they can enjoy doing their assigned duties without pressure.