Gamma Female at Work

She’ll be confident even during the worst

A gamma female employee is always confident in her ways. Even if others make her feel anxious or insecure about her suggestions, she’s comfortable in her own skin and mind.

She already has solid plans for her goals

The gamma female’s confidence is due to her prior set goals and the necessary plans. She never says anything without preparation or prior research.

She won’t quit even after failure

Due to impeccable confidence and solid plans, people often confuse a gamma woman with an alpha female or sigma female.

But she’ll need time to get over her own failure

Though gamma women don’t quit, it’s not that failure doesn’t affect them. Rather, they just prefer to hide those emotions to avoid burdening others.

Opinions won’t ever hurt her

When she makes mistakes, people often dive in to pass opinions. They try to hurt her when she’s at her worst phase.

She wants to grow with her coworkers

The gamma female knows that she can’t independently succeed, unlike sigma men and women. But she doesn’t brood over not having that trait.

She helps all of her coworkers

Gamma females never withhold help from their coworkers. They always support people around them with everything they have.

She might be a bit too concerned about the nature

The gamma female loves nature as if it were her family. She’s so dedicated that it’s even evident when she’s at work.

At work, the gamma female isn’t as perfect as sigma or alpha women. However, her confidence and willpower makes her no less than them. She might not be on top of the hierarchy, but she’s a cool and super-friendly employee.