Gamma Female  vs  Sigma Female

They both have a mysterious aura

Gamma females create connections with people to gain knowledge. Similarly, the sigma female doesn’t like to share much. But this is because she’s like a lone wolf with nobody to have her back.

They are both confident

The gamma female is extremely confident about herself. Whether you mention her intelligence, qualifications, looks, Likewise, a woman with sigma personality traits is also confident.

Both of them make helpful friends

A woman with a gamma personality type can’t let anyone alone if they need help. A sigma woman, on the other hand, is also helpful but only to those that are close to her.

They both need time to let down their guard

The gamma woman meets and connects with a lot of people. Similarly, sigma women are also cautious about people around them.

They are both trustworthy

To show her honesty in any relationship, a gamma female keeps others’ secrets to herself. The sigma woman shows her loyalty in a different style.

Neither of them is a quitter

Even after facing the worst, a gamma woman never quits. Sigma females also never lose their confidence, even after facing failure.

They both have strict boundaries

The gamma woman has multiple healthy boundaries in her life. She doesn’t allow anyone to impact her confidence. Similarly, sigma females also have great boundaries.

Unlike sigma females, gamma females are deeply impacted by defeats

When a gamma female faces a setback or defeat, she doesn’t take it well. A sigma female, on the other hand, also has a tough time facing her loss. But she doesn’t take too long to control herself.

Gamma and sigma females have some astonishing similarities, like their overconfidence. They are born to chase their dreams and rely on nobody else. But they are also different in their taste in romance. They also deal with hardships in different ways.