Gamma Male vs Sigma Male - Who Is The Best?

The gamma male wants to follow But the sigma male wants nothing with the pack

A man with gamma personality traits is conflict-averse and risk-avoidant.

The sigma male, on the other hand, wants to neither lead nor follow. 

The gamma man needs others’ validation unlike the sigma man

The gamma male depends on people’s opinions of them.

The sigma male, doesn’t ever care about others’ opinions or validation. 

Women don’t like gamma men but the story is different with a sigma man

Gamma men don’t care enough for their looks and outfit.

Sigma men don’t pay much attention to women and mind their own business. 

Gamma men are all about popular grand gestures but Sigmas don’t follow anything trendy

In romantic relationships, the gamma man goes all out to court women.

The sigma male doesn’t care about the latest trends about anything. 

Gamma males have limited knowledge and skills. Sigma males are smart in everything

Gamma men are intelligent in their own field.

A sigma male is street-smart and explores a lot and learns more about the world every day.

Gamma men believe they are the true alphas while sigmas are actually similar to alphas

Gamma men are delusional right to the very core.

Sigma males are actually pretty similar to alpha males.

Gamma men’s confidence depends on the situation. Sigma men are always confident

The gamma man is not always confident and it depends on the situation.

Sigma male never suffers from self-doubt. Despite what people say behind his back, he knows that he’s right.

Unlike gamma men, sigma males love to take risks

Gamma men never take risks because they are afraid of failure.

Sigma man loves to take chances. He wants to live on the edge and feel alive. 

Gamma males are hopeless romantics while sigma males’ take on romance differs

Gamma males are hopeless romantics & chase women way too hard.

A sigma man isn’t ready for a relationship early on. He’s even called emotionally unavailable for this.

Gamma men are self-aware and empathic. Sigma men are emotionally intelligent

Gamma males are empathetic & understand others’ feelings.

Due to a sigma male’s high emotional intelligence, he’s pretty intuitive about others’ emotions.

From the comparison, it’s obvious that the sigma male is better than the gamma male in most ways. The sigma males don’t need much work on themselves, but it’s a must for gamma men. But, before you judge or decide something about them, ask what your heart desires. Because in the end, human beings aren’t completely logical. So, follow your instincts!