So, you want to know the difference between gamma male vs sigma male? Do you know both men and wondering who you should pick? Or do you want to choose a better employee for your firm?

Well, there can be many reasons behind it. So, your worries are completely legit, and this think-piece will help you compare the two perfectly!

C’mon, let’s get right into it!

Gamma Male vs Sigma Male

In the socio-hierarchy, the gamma males are one of the shunned men. Whereas, the sigma males are out of the hierarchy but are extremely desired. There’s a lot to uncover about it. But if you’re in a hurry, check out this chart! 

 Gamma maleSigma male
SimilarityThey are adventure lovers. 
DifferencesGamma men are followers.Sigma men neither lead nor follow but they make great leaders.
 Gamma men need validation and appreciation.Sigma men don’t care about others’ opinions.
 Gamma men aren’t desirable to women.Women want to get close to the mysterious sigma man.
 Gamma man follows popular and trending romantic gestures.Sigma man doesn’t care about trends.
 Gamma men have limited knowledge.Sigma men are all-rounders.
 Gamma men believe they are the hidden alphas.Sigma men are pretty similar to alphas.
 Gamma men aren’t always confident.Sigma men’s confidence is invincible.
 Gamma men are risk-avoidant.Sigmas like to play with fire.
 Gamma men are passive-aggressive.Sigma men aren’t aggressive or vengeful.
 Gamma males are judgmental and play the victim.Sigma men are non-judgmental.
 Gamma man is self-aware and empathic.Sigma males are emotionally intelligent.
 Gamma men are hopeless romantics.Sigma men’s attitude toward romance differs.

But honestly, simple phrases aren’t enough to explain personalities. So, let’s dive deeper into the matter here…

1. They both like adventures

Gamma men are suckers for adventures. You might assume that they love to go camping and trekking. Or, you think that they set out for road trips without a destination. 

However, that’s not the only adventure they like. They also want to lead an adventurous life by choosing their path themselves. They don’t like to blindly follow others’ suggestions. They won’t let people decide for them.

Instead, they want to lead a life on their own terms. They want to explore all the possibilities instead of following the same old tracks. However, their adventures aren’t too risky

Similarly, men with sigma male personality types love to set out and explore the world. Their adventures are mostly about exploring life and its gifts. They set off for adventures without planning. They learn new things from the real world this way.

They aren’t as fun-loving adventures as gamma men. Instead, they try to learn something from their experiences. They want to know how beautiful the world is all alone due to their introversion.

2. The gamma male wants to follow. But the sigma male wants nothing with the pack

A man with gamma personality traits is conflict-averse and risk-avoidant. He is aware of his troubles and proudly accepts those. He knows he can’t lead well, so he doesn’t even try to.

Whether in his personal, professional, or social life… he likes to follow others’ orders. He’d rather incorporate his intelligence to do his job. But he won’t make the major decisions because he doesn’t want to take risks or face conflicts.

People often look down on him for not taking charge at all. But he knows his limits and doesn’t want to put himself in uncomfortable situations.

The sigma male, on the other hand, wants to neither lead nor follow. In reality, he is the friendly leader that everyone desires. He believes in teaching others by setting examples.

However, he doesn’t want unnecessary responsibilities of controlling others or coordinating with them. Since he’s introverted, he wants to work independently and avoid social situations.

3. The gamma man needs others’ validation unlike the sigma man

The gamma male depends on people’s opinions of them. Since he’s emotionally hypersensitive, a person’s reaction matters to him. If anyone says anything hurtful or rejects or criticizes him, he feels bad about himself. He loses confidence and questions his capabilities.

But if someone compliments, appreciates, or accepts him, he feels great. He’s so over the moon and feels confident about himself.

Even if anyone doesn’t express their negativity toward him, he can sense it. As a result, judgmental people always drag him down. He needs someone to remind him of his worth. Due to this, he might eventually become a people-pleaser.

The sigma male, however, doesn’t ever care about others’ opinions or validation. He knows that he’s as great as the alpha male. He understands that he can succeed in anything he desires.

He’s aware of his worth and doesn’t need someone else to say it. Even if people criticize him, he knows better than to trust their words.

4. Women don’t like gamma men but the story is different with a sigma man

Gamma men are completely out of shape and don’t care enough for their looks and outfit. They aren’t into grooming or fitness. Or, rather, their grooming is kinda feminine. This is a huge issue when they desire a high-value woman in their life.

Of course, appearance isn’t the only important thing in love. But that’s important to attract someone and attraction is the groundwork of love.

Instead, they try to compensate with grand gestures. They feel entitled to a romantic and sexual connection because they treat their crush like a gentleman. They don’t even invest enough time to escalate the bond into something emotional.

Women dislike gamma men because of their sense of entitlement and jealousy of high-value men. Gamma men aren’t desirable as partners.

On the other hand, sigma men don’t pay much attention to women. They are aloof and mind their own business. Women feel challenged when sigmas don’t pay attention to them. They want to know more about this mysterious and shy man. They want to figure out what happens in their mind and chase them.

In romantic relationships, the gamma man goes all out to court women. He finds out the most popular ways to express his feelings. He tries to stay updated about the latest definition of romance for women.

The gamma male is a hopeless romantic. So, he believes that he can convey his feelings with chivalry and romance. For that, he refers to modern romance novels and movies or fairy tales. Of course, to know these, he definitely needs to keep up with most romantic shows.

On the flip side, the sigma male doesn’t care about the latest trends about anything. Whether it’s to express his feelings or just about his appearance, fashion, or lifestyle. He doesn’t keep up with any kind of trends.

He follows his mind when he wants to do something and stands out. Since he does things in a unique way, he creates new trends instead.

6. Gamma males have limited knowledge and skills. Sigma males are smart in everything

Gamma men are intelligent in their own field. Once they figure out their skills or passions and put enough effort into them, they become unbeatable. They are utter geniuses when it comes to these and can even compete with alpha, sigma, and beta men.

However, they are perfect only in 2-3 nerdy skills or interests. They aren’t all-rounders like sigmas, alphas, and betas. They can only succeed in limited academic or professional choices.

Their parents and mentors don’t understand that initially. They push them to try new things only to be disappointed about their limitations.

On the other hand, a sigma male is both street-smart and book-smart. He explores a lot and learns more about the world every day. He knows about video games as well as the latest technology or business strategy. So, he succeeds in both his personal and work life. He’s driven towards any goal and can actualize any dream.

7. Gamma men believe they are the true alphas while sigmas are actually similar to alphas

Gamma men are delusional right to the very core. They believe they are the actual alphas and nobody can recognize them. They “feel sorry” for those that can’t understand his value because of their poor intelligence.

They believe so because they are the best in their social circle. However, they forget to consider that people around them aren’t much intelligent. Since they usually get rejected in love, they believe they’re morally superior for that.

They run a false narrative in their mind to deal with their troubles. They’re in denial of the reality of their personality type. Instead of fixing things, they always dodge the main issue by spouting lies to themselves.

On the other hand, sigma males are actually pretty similar to alpha males. The only difference is their introversion and aversion to leadership roles. They desire to be on their own in life. People often confuse sigma males with alphas because of their similarities.

8. Gamma men’s confidence depends on the situation. Sigma men are always confident

The gamma man is not always confident and it depends on the situation. For instance, he’s intelligent in his choice of field. This makes him feel good about himself.

Due to his emotional hypersensitivity, he feels great when people compliment or appreciate him. On the other hand, if anyone criticizes his thoughts or rejects him, his confidence level goes down.

Since he’s perfect in his skills, he starts believing that he’s the best in everything. If anyone else tells him he’s wrong, he doesn’t believe them. His confidence might even turn into arrogance or ego.

Moreover, he’s not perfect in everything, so people feel disappointed about his limited intelligence. This also affects his confidence and he feels insecure.

But a sigma male never suffers from self-doubt. Despite what people say behind his back, he knows that he’s right. It’s evident in his body language and talking style. Even if people oppose him, he never bows his head. Rather, people feel intimidated by the extent of his confidence.

9. Unlike gamma men, sigma males love to take risks

Men with gamma personalities never take risks because they are afraid of failure. This irrational fear just doesn’t allow them to take any sort of chance. Especially, if the risk is too high and dangerous, they won’t take it at all.

However, all risks are hidden opportunities. If you make things work in your favor, you win a lot more. But the fear of the gamma male doesn’t let him realize that. He can’t progress much in life because he’s not ready to step out of his comfort zone.

This doesn’t just hurt his business and job. But, even his lover and family are disappointed. Especially, if they depend on him financially, they can’t get a better life because he’s not ready.

On the other hand, the sigma man loves to take chances. He wants to live on the edge and feel alive. He likes to be challenged and not take it easy. The adrenaline rush from taking risks excites him.

10. Gamma men show passive aggression while sigma men depend on justice

When anyone hurts a gamma male, he doesn’t confront the other person directly. He hates facing conflicts but it’s nothing like the beta males. He isn’t the least bothered about the other person’s feelings or the relationship with them. It’s not because he wants a harmonious bond with them.

Rather, he just wants to avoid the unpleasant feeling of being questioned or attacked. He doesn’t want to do the tough work of attacking others head-on. Instead, he shows passive aggression by doing small inconveniences in the offender’s life.

He doesn’t need to get in a fistfight. But he just won’t call them out even if they hurt their loved ones. This obviously disappoints them and they can’t depend on him in these situations.

A sigma man will also not get physically or verbally abusive with his offenders. However, he won’t let them off easily either. He’ll make them pay for their actions and get justice. He communicates, makes them feel ashamed, and apologizes for their mistakes.

11. Gamma men are judgmental when things don’t follow the plan. Sigma men are nonjudgmental

The gamma man believes that he is the best because he performs well in his life. He never listens to others when they advise them. Instead, whoever says anything opposite, he calls them a fool or misunderstands their intentions. But when things don’t work out, he calls life unfair.

Women don’t like to be courted just with grand romantic gestures. They want to flirt, engage and connect before they make the final call. They also expect their partner to look put together.

But he doesn’t follow these rules and often gets rejected. Instead of understanding his faults, he blames the woman for being a golddigger.

Other men get better chances at love because they follow these rules. However, he calls them playboys and sugar daddies for a better dating life. So, a gamma man is too judgmental and for the wrong things.

But a sigma male never judges anyone, at least not based on such silly things. Even if anyone upsets him, he doesn’t judge them and tries to find the truth.

12. Gamma men are self-aware and empathic. Sigma men are emotionally intelligent

Gamma males are empathetic, so they understand others’ feelings as their own. They are aware of others’ perspectives, thoughts, and beliefs. They are also self-aware which helps them manage their emotions well in tough situations.

So, if they get into a misunderstanding, they can understand the other person and control their impulsive and emotional actions. This helps them communicate well with the other person.

Due to a sigma male’s high emotional intelligence, he’s pretty intuitive about others’ emotions. Though people often misunderstand him for being insensitive, he’s aware of others’ emotions.

Even if they don’t express themselves, he can read a room fast. This helps him figure out ways to communicate with others, calm them, and mediate others’ conflicts.

13. Gamma males are hopeless romantics while sigma males’ take on romance differs

Gamma males, due to their hopeless romanticism, chase women way too hard. This can often turn off any woman. He follows everything by the book… whether it’s holding the door for them or walking on the outer side of the sidewalk.

From the beginning, they are pretty eager to have a romantic partner. They always want all of their partner’s attention and might even act clingy when they take time for themselves.

On the other hand, a sigma man isn’t ready for a relationship early on. He’s even called emotionally unavailable for this. Unless he has the time or is mentally and emotionally prepared, he doesn’t want to date.

However, once he’s ready, he only wants serious relationships. He isn’t interested in causal or non-exclusive relationships.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

From the comparison, it’s obvious that the sigma male is better than the gamma male in most ways. The sigma males don’t need much work on themselves, but it’s a must for gamma men. If you are friends with men of both personalities, dealing with gamma men is harder. 

But, before you judge or decide something about them, ask what your heart desires. Because in the end, human beings aren’t completely logical. So, follow your instincts!

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