Hobbies of ENFJ Personality Type

1. Writing

ENFJs are skilled at written communication. This also makes their artistic side come out through their writings.

2. Listening to music

They love to share their taste of music with others. Similarly, they also do not mind experiencing other people’s musical choices.

3. Social work

People with the ENFJ personality often have a kind-hearted and altruistic side to them. They want to help other individuals in any way possible.

4. Stand-up comedy

ENFJs have the ability to see the big picture under all scenarios. This effectively helps them create good and funny anecdotes that can keep their audience engaged and interested.

5. Volunteering

The kind of volunteering work that ENFJs engage in might include coaching young children in their studies, or explaining healthcare choices to the people who need them.

6. Cooking

Some people enjoy cooking. Yet others find it to be too difficult. Most ENFJs love to cook different dishes.

7. Swimming

ENFJs do not prefer tactical sports. But swimming is a hobby that they sometimes engage in. They love to organize pool parties and invite their friends or family.

The hobbies of ENFJ personality types help a lot in their overall personality growth. It helps them to occupy their free time with fun-loving activities that makes them live a joyful life.