The hobbies of ENFJ personality types help a lot in their overall personality growth. It helps them to occupy their free time with fun-loving activities that makes them live a joyful life.

Moreover these pastime activities will relieve stress and help them live a poised life. The hobbies also reflect their passion and search for purpose in life

Being an extrovert, ENFJs thrive in social interaction. They hate being lonely. Most of the side hustles that they choose involve people and social activities.

These individuals prefer to take up hobbies that are exciting and offer them self-fulfillment.

Hobbies of ENFJ personality type

The Myers-Briggs Test Indicator (MBTI) is perhaps the most commonly used personality test in the world. According to this test, human beings can be classified as having any one out of 16 personality types.

Out of all the 16 Myers-Briggs types of personalities, one of the most uncommon ones is the ENFJ. Less than 5% of people in the world have the ENFJ personality type.

The term ENFJ denotes an extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and judgmental type of personality. Just like any other personality type, ENFJ persons also have some distinct personality traits. 

These traits determine what these individuals like and what they do not like. Accordingly, ENFJ type individuals can have certain hobbies which are unique to their personality type.

Let us now take a detailed look at what can be some common hobbies of people with the ENFJ personality type.

1. Writing

This may come as a surprise to everyone. But ENFJs often have an artistic side in them.

However, this creative personality remains hidden under their external attitude. Though they are not as skilled as an ISFP, the artistic talent of an ENFJ definitely deserves praise.

In general, ENFJs are skilled at written communication. This also makes their artistic side come out through their writings. 

By pursuing writing as a hobby, they do not necessarily need to be exceptionally skilled. They can just write their own thoughts as prose or poems, in a diary or journal which they can keep to themselves. That being said, ENFJs are not shy to show their work to others and ask for feedback.

2. Listening to music

To be fair, listening to music can be a good hobby for any person. But let us look at this from the point of view of an ENFJ.

We know that the E in an ENFJ’s personality stands for extraverted. ENFJs enjoy spending time with their friends and family. 

They are extremely sociable and enjoy being in the company of their loved ones. For this reason, ENFJs prefer listening to music when they are with friends or family. 

They love to share their taste of music with others. Similarly, they also do not mind experiencing other people’s musical choices.

3. Joining a book club

Many ENFJs love to gain knowledge. But they do not like to read alone. They would get lonely and bored if they are reading a book while sitting alone at home or at a library.

The only way to get around this is by joining a book club. A book club is a place where an individual can discuss a book with other people who have also read the same book. This also appeals to the extraverted aspect of an ENFJ’s personality.

Being in a book club also helps in the personal growth of an ENFJ. By getting to know other people’s opinions about a topic, the ENFJ individual gets an idea about the thought process of others around them.

4. Social work

People with the ENFJ personality often have a kind-hearted and altruistic side to them. They want to help other individuals in any way possible. 

For this reason, volunteering and doing social work can be a good hobby for an ENFJ individual. They would get to interact with a large number of people and help alleviate their difficulties. This helps them find inner peace.

5. Joining an art club

This is also another hobby that can satisfy the creative side of an ENFJ. Their artistic side makes them naturally talented in arts and crafts, including painting. 

By being part of an art club, ENFJs also have the opportunity to interact and socialize with other like-minded individuals.

6. Participating in team sports

ENFJs love being part of teams or groups. They can truly shine in that sort of an environment where they can collaborate with others. 

A good way to do this is through team sports like football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, ice-hockey, and others.

ENFJs especially love being in leadership roles. If they become the captain of a team, they have the added motivation of driving that team to success. They can truly lead by example and have the ability to make others like them easily.

7. Playing board games

ENFJs can take up various board games like Monopoly, carom, playing cards, trading cards, etc. The thing that is common with all these games is that you would need to play these games in groups. 

This can be appealing to the extraverted nature of ENFJ individuals. They would get to be a part of a social setting and interact with other people. At the same time, it will also be a good and fun way to pass time.

8. Stand-up comedy

For those ENFJs who have a good sense of humor, pursuing stand-up comedy can be a very interesting hobby. They also possess all the necessary qualities or tools to be successful in this field. 

This is because ENFJ individuals love talking and interacting with people. They are quite comfortable with speaking in public. They are also extremely amicable and have a natural talent of making others like them easily.

More importantly, ENFJs have the ability to see the big picture under all scenarios. This effectively helps them create good and funny anecdotes that can keep their audience engaged and interested.

9. Joining a debate club

By being a part of a debating society, an ENFJ will get ample opportunity to interact with other people, which is something that they love doing. 

Moreover, this can also serve as an avenue for personal development for the ENFJ individual. 

They can gain exposure to a wide range of interesting topics. This helps them gather knowledge and information that they may find useful for them in their life.

10. Playing a musical instrument

Many people learn to play musical instruments solely because of their interest or passion. But for an ENFJ, learning a musical instrument has an added appeal.

ENFJs love being under the limelight. Having the ability to play a musical instrument like a guitar or a piano will help them be the center of attention in a social gathering or a party.

11. Singing

Similar to the idea of playing a musical instrument, being able to sing is also an interesting hobby that is suitable for an ENFJ. People with an ENFJ personality are quite comfortable with public speaking. So, the idea of “stage fright” does not exist for an ENFJ.

ENFJs often end up being under the spotlight in any social gathering because of their extraverted and amicable nature. They can make the situation even more engaging for the audience by entertaining them through singing.

12. Joining a social club

Another great hobby for an ENFJ can be joining any social club. A social club refers to an organization or group that meets to discuss certain commonly shared interests. Some examples of these can be coin collection groups, stamp collectors, etc.

An ENFJ can truly feel at home at such an organization. They can share their expertise with others, as well as enrich themselves with knowledge from others. 

13. Volunteering

As we have mentioned above, ENFJs love to do volunteer work. Volunteering makes them feel happy and satisfied. 

This is because they are able to serve needy people by providing them help. This kind of work also provides the ENFJs with a sense of fulfillment. 

They feel appreciated for the efforts they put in making a difference in other people’s lives. 

The kind of volunteering work that ENFJs engage in might include coaching young children in their studies, or explaining healthcare choices to the people who need them. 

14. Cooking 

Some people enjoy cooking. Yet others find it to be too difficult. Most ENFJs love to cook different dishes. 

Cooking can be just another hobby for them. ENFJs especially like cooking food for others. They often cook for their peers or family members. 

By cooking for others, they try to lift up other people’s mood and create a festive atmosphere. As a matter of fact, ENFJs become so engrossed in cooking and feeding others, that they are very negligent about themselves. 

They sometimes forget to eat, or skip meals themselves, when they are under stress or work pressure.

15. Swimming 

Experts claim that swimming is a good physical exercise for everyone. It involves both the upper and lower part of the body. 

As per the American Journal of Cardiology, swimming results in elevated mood and increases one’s life span. 

Usually, ENFJs do not prefer tactical sports. But swimming is a hobby that they sometimes engage in. They love to organize pool parties and invite their friends or family. This gives them an opportunity to socialize, and at the same time, engage in physical exercise.

To Sum Up

To conclude, we have discussed some common hobbies of people with an ENFJ personality, in this article. They can choose to help others through social work or join a social club themselves. Perhaps they can explore their own artistic side through music, stand-up comedy, or writing.

If you know an ENFJ person who wants to take up a new hobby but is unsure about it, we hope this article can be helpful. 

It is important to remember that whatever they choose, it is just a hobby or pastime. They do not necessarily need to be good at it as long as they have a good time and enjoy themselves.