Hobbies of ESTJ Personality Type

This particular Myers-Briggs type, out of the 16 personalities, stands for Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging people. ESTJs are hardworking individuals, who are confident, hardworking, give attention to detail and carry a high level of motivation.

ESTJ people love traveling. You can look at them as intellectual travelers. They not only travel to know different places around the world and enrich their knowledge, but also understand it at a deeper level.



ESTJs are highly energetic individuals, who often fall under a great amount of stress and tension. Clearing out the clutter from one’s mind is extremely important and will help reduce their stress level. It is only possible through regular meditation.

Art and Culture

People with this personality type give immense value to order and tradition, with a strong sense of community service. They enjoy spending time looking at and appreciating somebody else’s art.


Cooking happens to be another favorite hobby of someone, who is always on the hunt for doing something and keeping themselves busy. They love food and hence, during mealtimes, they would try and learn from the cook about some of their favorite items.


Coaching comes naturally to an ESTJ. Their personality trait of a supervisor works very well in this regard.

Going to the Gym

It only allows ESTJ to invest time in keeping his body in proper shape, but also provides him the requisite energy to focus on things that matter in his life.

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