The hobbies of ESTJ personality type individuals include all those activities that help them unwind and provide relief from stress and tension. These side hustles keep them mentally fresh.

Whatever activity they indulge in for fun and entertainment, should carry some purpose and allow them to supervise things from outside.

Hobbies of ESTJ Personality Type

This particular Myers-Briggs type, out of the 16 personalities, stands for Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging people. ESTJs are hardworking individuals, who are confident, hardworking, give attention to detail and carry a high level of motivation. 

Their auxiliary function is introverted sensing (Si), while their cognitive functions right from the dominant function to tertiary and inferior functions are extraverted thinking (Te), extraverted sensing (Si), extraverted intuitive (Ne), and extraverted feeling (Fe).

They are better known as composers. These composers work hard, maintain tradition, and are always eager to create a strong organizational structure for carrying out their work. Their confidence works extremely well in all situations.

ESTJs find a lot of comfort in maintaining rules and structure. They often organize gatherings through the establishment of set rules for everyone to form a part of those get-togethers. You can easily see that even in leisure hours, an ESTJ cannot give up on their role as a supervisor.

Due to their innate ability to lead and supervise, ESTJ’s hobbies also follow the same path. Their task-oriented nature and their willingness to do things perfectly make them enjoy hobbies that allow them to coach a group of players or coordinate with a team.

Other hobbies include watching television, engaging in cultural programs, and sharing their interests and special stories with others. Even though they indulge in these activities, ESTJs do not miss out on the opportunity to lay back and rest.

Some of the most popular hobbies of an ESTJ are those, which allow them to step back from their leadership role and let things move at their own pace. 

Following are some of the hobbies that give mental relaxation to ESTJs –

1. Traveling

ESTJ people love traveling. You can look at them as intellectual travelers. They not only travel to know different places around the world and enrich their knowledge, but also understand it at a deeper level. 

They believe that the more the kids of this generation travel and learn about different habits, cultures, and different ways of leading lives, would help them understand why their place of birth functions in the manner in which it does. ESTJs travel not just to garner new experiences, but also to convey their perspective and raise awareness about other viewpoints.

2. Meditation

ESTJs are highly energetic individuals, who often fall under a great amount of stress and tension. Clearing out the clutter from one’s mind is extremely important and will help reduce their stress level. It is only possible through regular meditation.

Hence, they combine meditation with exercise to relax and get rid of stress and tension. Thus, it turns out to be one of the most significant hobbies for ESTJ personality type people.

3. Art and Culture

People with this personality type give immense value to order and tradition, with a strong sense of community service. They enjoy spending time looking at and appreciating somebody else’s art. These individuals will look deep inside a work of art and try to decipher the artist’s thought process behind the visual delight. 

As far as culture is concerned, the naturally outgoing personality of an ESTJ makes them perfectly suitable for organizing functions and various cultural events from time to time. They derive pleasure from getting involved in doing things that make others happy.

4. Cooking

Cooking happens to be another favorite hobby of someone, who is always on the hunt for doing something and keeping themselves busy. They love food and hence, during mealtimes, they would try and learn from the cook about some of their favorite items.

Once they get an idea about how to prepare their favorite dishes, they will not hesitate to try their hands on preparing those cuisines. They might cook and overeat to express resentment.

5. Coaching

Coaching comes naturally to an ESTJ. Their personality trait of a supervisor works very well in this regard. These people adopt a realistic and practical approach, and hence follow their standards in a systematic manner. They rub them off on their students as well.

Playing the role of a sports coach helps them fine-tune their leadership skills further. It allows them to connect with people coming from different backgrounds and exchange thoughts and ideas. Hence, they enrich their knowledge to a great extent. Soon, an ESTJ would gel with them to work toward a common type of goal.

6. Going to the Gym

Another activity that an ESTJ personality type individual enjoys doing and treats as his hobby is going to the gym. It only allows him to invest time in keeping his body in proper shape, but also provides him the requisite energy to focus on things that matter in his life.

Working out also helps them to make contacts and exchange information with one another. This is one of the primary reasons why ESTJs love going to the gym, as it fits perfectly with their type of personality. 

7. Gardening

ESTJs easily develop a different kind of love for gardening. It is an exercise that allows their mind and body to remain in good shape. They enjoy carrying out activities like digging, shoveling, cutting, and trimming, all involving movements of muscles.

It helps ESTJ reduce their stress level and gives a boost to their self-esteem. You can always entertain positive thoughts in your mind and stay relaxed. Gardening allows them to stay closer to nature. Moreover, it allows them to stay busy doing something they love.

8. Rock Climbing

This hobby of rock climbing involves a lot of thrill and excitement. It particularly suits the outgoing nature of an ESTJ, which is not applicable in other personality types. He does not shy away from taking risks and so, obviously, this activity is not for those who have a faint heart.

As they do not mind trying their hands at different kinds of activities, even if they are risky, hence rock climbing happens to be a perfect fit for their personality. Their confidence and motivation levels play crucial roles in making them execute this stressful activity with ease.

9. Undertaking Home Repairs

ESTJs enjoy running all around their house finding different things that they can repair and get them back to the proper shape. You can look at this person as a jack of all trades. He possesses a different level of confidence to repair all sorts of household items.

The craze for repairing things is such that when an ESTJ runs out of things that they can repair at their place, he can even go about helping a neighbor as well. This practice of yours not only makes them appreciate the work but also allows you to fine-tune your abilities. 

10. Learning a New Language

ESTJ always has the desire to learn something new from time to time. Their quest for accumulating new information and enhancing their personality further, make them go for learning a new language. They are into learning both spoken and computer languages.

These people feel that one should never stay confined to their community and place. It is important to reach out to different people and visit various places from time to time. Both these things would enrich one’s knowledge and help one become a better and well-informed individual.

11. Photography

For an ESTJ, photography happens to be one of the best hobbies that this personality type individual can pursue. It is because this does not require you to maintain any level of fitness, technical knowledge, or any other criteria.

Photography allows you to depict what you have in pictorial form for others to enjoy and cherish. It happens to be a great stress-buster, particularly when this is a major issue among ESTJs. This activity can help you relax and enable you to capture life’s precious moments for looking back sometime in the future.

12. Playing Indoor Games

ESTJs do not prefer spending their leisure hours playing video games or other indoor games. They would rather indulge in doing practical duties. Their interest in gaming comes along after they see their friend or a loved one is interested in some game. Once an ESTJ starts playing, they turn out to be extremely competitive.

They will try to be the best in that game and would hate losing against anyone. It also makes them lead others by directing them on how to play these games. An ESTJ person will make sure all other members play ethically and they are right on track.

13. Explore New Productivity Applications

An ESTJ will always look for new applications that can help them increase their productivity in some way or the other. 

Once they come to know of such applications, either from friends or relatives, they will not waste time but straight away visit the play store and download them.

As and when the download is complete, ESTJs will go through the details of those apps and see how they can make the best use of them to improve their life. 

Soon, they will start implementing the good things from them and also pass on the information over to their loved ones.

14. Investing in Stocks

When you happen to meet an ESTJ, you will find that they invest in the stock market for fun. Even though there are many across the world, for which this is a full-time job, ESTJs treat this as something they do for fun. In the process of having fun, they make money.

These individuals have the knack for taking calculated risks, considering different factors that influence the stock market, and then coming up with informed decisions. 

Hence, they manage to minimize the chances of suffering losses to a great extent.

To Sum Up

We have discussed several hobbies that ESTJ personality type individuals like indulging themselves in and spending their leisure hours.

These people love doing productive activities, which can either help them or others gain knowledge. They manage to learn something new and pass on their learning over to others.