What Are The hobbies of The ESTP Personality Type?

The Hobbies of ESTP personality type involves activities that these individuals engage in when they are free or not in a mood to do anything serious.


ESTPs love to wander around and travel to unknown lands. This hobby typically matches their extroverted nature.


ESTPs would love to experience even the small joys of daily life. Thus, meditation is a healthy hobby that they can actually try doing every day.


ESTPs are creative and have a great sense of beauty. They love to accomplish artistic tasks that allow more creativity to flow out of their system.

Outdoor sports

ESTPs are naturally tuned to the outside world. Thus, they are drawn towards outdoor games and sports.

Playing video games

ESTPs will get bored if asked to sit in one place for a long time. Thus, playing video games can be a favorite pastime for them.


This is another hobby that ESTPs will love to pursue. They are nature lovers who would love to spend time in the bushes.


ESTPs are present focused individuals. They prefer fun and enjoyment to be a part of their daily living. Thus, skating is a good option for them.


ESTPs are skilled observers and they have an eye for detailing. Thus, archery can be a good hobby choice for them.

ESTP side hustles should suit their extrovert and proactive lifestyle. They find immense joy in various forms of outdoor activities, field sports, mountaineering, etc.