The Hobbies of ESTP personality type involves activities that these individuals engage in when they are free or not in a mood to do anything serious.

A person with an ESTP personality type is always energetic and fun-loving. They are spontaneous and lively. Thus they always choose hobbies to keep themselves relaxed and in good cheer.

They never allow unhappiness and negativity to join in their life. As such, they do things that keep them mentally active, happy, poised, and nurtured as always.

In this think piece, we will discuss a few of their most favorite side hustles that keep them entertained in times of stress and mental uneasiness.

Hobbies of ESTP personality type

ESTPs are keen to make each and every moment of their life happy and joyful. They prefer hobbies that match with their excited and lively mindset.

During their leisure hours, they prefer to go slow, take things easy, and just move with the flow of time. They never like to rush with things and prefer a calm and composed life.

Regarding hobbies, they select doing those activities which keeps them mentally agile. They find joy in risk taking activities and adventure.

They spend time doing some pleasurable activities in which they will be able to learn and experience new things, totally out of the box.

Their favorite pastimes include activities that give them pure joy and nothing else. For an ESTP, hobbies are a way to nurture the soul with more humbleness and happiness.

It relaxes their mind and energizes them more to work hard and fulfill their life’s objectives.

As ESTPs are extroverts, they prefer outdoor activities rather than indoor ones. Thus, in free time, you may find them catching up with an old friend and talking to them to their heart’s content. Sometimes, they also enjoy doing some serious activities with the intent to learn more about them.

Some of the most popular hobbies that ESTPs can have are sports, athletics, scuba-diving, skating, partying with friends, car racing, archery, mountaineering, etc.

Let us discuss the most predominant 15 hobbies of this personality type that keeps them energetic and rejuvenated as always.

1. Competitive indoor games

ESTPs are thinking personality types. Thus, they love to brainstorm about many known and unknown issues. They love participating in competitive indoor games with friends and family. These games suit their typical competitive nature.

ESTPs are naturally inclined towards thrill and excitement, just to be in tune with their spontaneous and superfluous nature. So they love playing games that put them in win-loss situations.

With their tact and logical thinking, they make their way out of such situations, winning the game at the end.

These completive games also challenge their mind and body to act in close coordination with each other.

2. Traveling

ESTPs love to wander around and travel to unknown lands. This hobby typically matches their extroverted nature. 

They love to explore, move around, and know the cultures and lifestyle of people living in other parts of the globe.

In leisure times, you may find them packing their bags with an intention to visit some unknown place that they have come across over a social media post, or have been shortlisted by a friend. Sometimes, ESTPs also prefer solo traveling where they will get a chance to connect to their inner world.

They will be able to unwind and live all the subtle joys of life by being present in the precious moments. Traveling allows real life experiences which ESTPs love. They are grounded and prefer fulfilled living. 

Traveling allows exploration, inquisitive tendencies. Thus, this is an ideal vacation getaway or a pastime that they may choose to take up when feeling too stressed out in their daily lives.

3. Meditation

ESTPs would love to experience even the small joys of daily life. Thus, meditation is a healthy hobby that they can actually try doing every day. Meditation and yoga have many health benefits that they will be able to reap regularly.

It helps them to stay poised and calm in the face of stress. ESTPs are sensing personalities, so yoga postures and regular deep breathing exercises will keep the m grounded to the present moment

Staying present in the moment has many benefits. It reduces anxiety and keeps your wandering mind calm and peaceful.

4. Painting

ESTPs are creative and have a great sense of beauty. They love to accomplish artistic tasks that allow more creativity to flow out of their system. It allows free expression of their innate talents.

They love to paint, draw, or create free hand work of art when they are not doing much on a particular day. These activities keep them fresh. If others praise them for their creative endeavors, ESTPs feel the energy to do more of it.

Painting and art work helps them to explore their inner world vividly. Many secrets get reflected on to the canvas and tell stories that were left unheard for long.

5. Outdoor sports

ESTPs are naturally tuned to the outside world. Thus, they are drawn towards outdoor games and sports. They love adventure sports that also keep them fit and active. 

Some of the best sports activities that they would love to pursue are paragliding, horse riding, basketball, rugby, lawn tennis, etc. These sports also keep up their spirit of winning.

They enjoy doing things that allow action and engagement. Thus, seeing sports on television doesn’t interest them much about what playing the sport can do.

6. Playing video games

ESTPs will get bored if asked to sit in one place for a long time. Thus, playing video games can be a favorite pastime for them. They always enjoy doing things that keep them energized. Moreover, being a sensing personality type, they love activities that keep their senses engaged for a long time. 

7. Gardening

This is another hobby that ESTPs will love to pursue. They are nature lovers who would love to spend time in the bushes. They have a natural propensity to plant trees and save wildlife.

Gardening lets them stay focused in the present. It makes them use their five senses in doing something productive. 

Moreover this side hustle keeps them engaged and bust boredom easily if they are not planning to do anything big over a holiday or a weekend.

8. Car racing

In car racing, they will get the thrill and excitement that they have always craved for. This is a hobby that most ESTPs love to pursue at some point in their lives. 

This activity increases concentration and focus, and helps them make thoughtful decisions just on time. They are in love with adventure and risky actions. Thus, this suits their mindset thoroughly.

9. Skating

ESTPs are present focused individuals. They prefer fun and enjoyment to be a part of their daily living. Thus, skating is a good option for them. This can improve their skill and tactfulness equally well.

Balancing the skates requires proper concentration. Proper coordination of body parts allows for better control over the situation and avoids tripping off unnecessarily.

10. Internet surfing

Surfing the net is also a common pastime that ESTPs frequently engage in. They love to explore new news over the net.

Sometimes, they also do this as a pastime habit just to bust boredom. They can learn new things, stay updated with the current news, and feel entertained with new music videos or series launches.

11. Socializing

ESTPs are extroverts with a natural inclination to socialize and make new friends. They have excellent networking skills and have a positive demeanor. Others get hooked to this behavior quite often. 

At the same time, ESTPs love to talk to others. You will find them engaging in thoughtful conversations and also casual talks in any social get together. They are just fine discussing things with everyone.

12. Dancing

ESTPs love to have public attention and thus dancing is their favorite hobby that they would love to do anytime. The activity keeps them energized. They feel rejuvenated and fresh all over again.

13. Hunting and jungle safari

Being a lover of outdoor activities, ESTPs would love to go hunting and jungle safari. They love adventure and seeing wild animals openly moving around them can cause thrill and a sense of adventure. ESTPs would love to do it.

14. Rock climbing and parachute jumping

ESTPs are risk takers. They love to go rock climbing and jump off a parachute. These activities involve thrill and adventure and ESTPs always show interest in doing such things. 

They never shy away from taking challenges that can test their tenacity and will power. These outdoor activities are considered as their best buddies because it matches with their fast paced lifestyle.

15. Archery

ESTPs are skilled observers and they have an eye for detailing. Thus, archery can be a good hobby choice for them. They can learn this sport on a professional basis to become a pro in it. As a hobby, this sport helps to develop observation skills and focus. 

To Sum Up

ESTP side hustles should suit their extrovert and proactive lifestyle. They find immense joy in various forms of outdoor activities, field sports, mountaineering, etc.

You will never find them doing anything too thoughtful. Rather they prefer spontaneous pastimes that keep them mentally active and give them some dose of pure fun and happiness.