Hobbies of INFP  Personality Type

Creative writing INFPs are expressive through words. Thus, they would write to the heart’s content about everything that remained unspoken in their lives.

Reading This is one of their favorite INFP pastimes. They prefer reading because it makes them more insightful about the current issues happening around them.

Fine arts or painting INFPs are marvelous creators of new things. Thus, when they are not doing anything serious, you will find them involved into the creation process.

Cooking and baking INFPs are friendly and love to spend quality time with their family members. Therefore, they would always prefer to spend their leisure time by cooking a new recipe, or baking cookies and cakes for their near and dear ones.

Acting and costume designing INFPs creative talents find an expression in designing new clothes that match with the characters they are playing in the cultural event.

Dance, music, or performing arts Dancing can be a good hobby choice for an INFP because they will also be able to express their subtle emotions through this form of energetic performing arts.

Photography INFPs would love to click landscape photos because they are nature lovers. The pictures of the lofty mountains and serene plains can give them inner joy like no other things.

INFP hobbies are a long list that shows their diverse interests and versatile nature. They will always hunt for a new hobby to feel relaxed and refreshed while doing it in their free time.