The hobbies of INFP personality types show their unique preferences for art and other creative endeavors. Each of the 16 personality types described in MBTI personality test has their exclusive ways of using their leisure hours. Thus, INFPs are no different. These individuals use their downtime wisely.

They prefer to engage in activities that are mentally stimulating and at the same time gives them pure fun and happiness.

Being an introvert, it is probable that INFPs love to spend time alone. They have a small group of friends only; and thereby they choose their hobbies in such a manner that helps them to use their free time alone without getting bored.

Most of their side-hustles symbolize creation and innovation. Let us learn the names of various activities that are both informative and fun-loving for an INFP.

Hobbies of INFP personality type

INFPs are intuitive minds and they prefer daydreaming much more than anything else in their leisure hours. They love spending time alone. Thus, they choose hobbies that can help them stay busy and allow them more fun and adventure in their daily life.

INFPs are a creative bunch, so their hobbies also reflect artistic expressions that are unique. They have diverse interests and prefer doing many things at a time. They may not be loud about what they like doing, but show a lot of preferences when it comes to choosing the right hobby for themselves. 

People with INFP personalities are often seen changing their interests from time to time. This is because they are fickle-minded and cannot stick to any one particular thing for a long time. They like change and alter their interests as well.

You may see them doing one thing today and kick start with something else the next morning. As they have diverse interests, they can easily keep themselves busy and bust boredom in no time. 

Being an introvert, living a lonely life is not a big deal for an INFP. Thus, they may find time either to draw and paint, or cook a new dish for the family.

Their mind never goes blank because they are intuitive thinkers with a positive outlook towards life. They may find opportunities in the rarest of things that others may never think of.

Most of the INFP hobbies are creative learning endeavors that match with their artistic mindset. Their hobbies should be meaningful to them; otherwise they may lose interest too soon. 

INFPs will choose hobbies that can occupy their leisure time in productive ways. They will always look for new things to do so that their interest is maintained for some time. These individuals tend to lose interest pretty early, thus they want to try out various things at a time.

1. Creative writing

INFPs are expressive through words. Thus, they would write to the heart’s content about everything that remained unspoken in their lives. In free time, you may find them expressing their innermost feelings through poetry, fiction, short stories etc. 

Creative writing helps them to delve deeper into their innermost ‘selves’ that is both creative and free. INFPs are easygoing and they would express things in finer ways, yet remaining little reserved about how much to share and to what extent.

2. Reading

This is one of their favorite INFP pastimes. They prefer reading because it makes them more insightful about the current issues happening around them. 

Even if they are reading a novel, they will draw character sketches of each one of them, just to know whether these characters have done justice to the roles given to them by the author. 

INFPs love to explore, think about, and delve deep into the various aspects of a book. In one word, they brainstorm to review the content thoroughly.

3. Fine arts or painting

INFPs are marvelous creators of new things. Thus, when they are not doing anything serious, you will find them involved into the creation process. They will draw or paint whatever comes to them at that moment of time. 

Being naturally creative, they will never fall short of ideas. They will choose to paint the lovely landscapes, or sketch the most beloved person in their life. INFPs never allow boredom to set into their daily life. 

These individuals love to put colors in figures on adult coloring books. They also love to draw finer things that others have not noticed in a picture. Any form of fine arts such as clay modeling, sculpting, origami, interests an INTP type to the fullest.

4. Collecting artifacts

INFPs love to spend time collecting items that are either of historical or cultural origin. They prefer to utilize their free time by learning about these collectibles that can add meaning to their lives. 

Some of the common things that they love to collect are historical stones, paintings of the past, coins of different countries etc. Along with the collection process, they will also show a lot of interest in knowing the past history attached with these artifacts. 

They would hunt for more information about the coins of different countries, things like where it originated, why the coins are no longer used, etc. This is a great way to keep oneself busy when one is feeling stuck in boredom and monotony.

5. Cooking and baking

INFPs are friendly and love to spend quality time with their family members. Therefore, they would always prefer to spend their leisure time by cooking a new recipe, or baking cookies and cakes for their near and dear ones. 

These individuals would find immense pleasure if others appreciate their culinary skills and wish to have more palatable food in future. INFPs are always ready to give their free time a meaningful touch.

6. Acting and costume designing

INFPs are smart, talented, and carry an aura that is immensely attractive. Being an introvert, they usually maintain a low-end social profile but if given a chance, they can spend their free time showcasing their acting skills in public functions and cultural events. 

As they love acting, they are also interested in designing their own costumes. Their creative talents find an expression in designing new clothes that match with the characters they are playing in the cultural event.

7. Crafting

This is another hobby that most INFPs love to do in their free time. Any sorts of craft activities such as paper quilling, origami, paper cutting, jewelry making, stitching and crochet, makes them feel occupied in leisure hours. 

They would love to utilize their free time by learning to knit, yarn colorful threads and make garments as well. Many INFPs will show diverse interests in these activities and may not stick to any one of them mentioned here.

8. Daydreaming

INFPs are the visionaries of the future. When they have a lot of spare time to waste just like that, they will daydream and think about so many things that may or may not happen in the real world. INFPs may envision a bright future for themselves; they may think about how their life would be 10 years down the line. 

Most INFPs will relate with this because they love to daydream all the time; no matter where they are or what they are expected to be doing in a situation. Their endless imaginations have no bounds at all.

9. Dance, music, or performing arts

INFPs are born with a lot of talent for creation and expression of their innate qualities. Being an introvert, they prefer to stay aloof from social gatherings and loud events as much as possible. But if given a chance, they will also find a great deal of pleasure in showcasing their dancing skills in front of others. 

Dancing can be a good hobby choice for an INFP because they will also be able to express their subtle emotions through this form of energetic performing arts.

10. Decorating their houses

This is another favorite pastime that many INFPs engage with in their leisure hours. They love to design and decorate their houses as per their choices. 

These individuals will love to decorate their living room with beautiful wall hangings, soothing curtains, and a private art collection in one corner. 

They will also have time to design their private lawn where they can have a space for their pets as well. People with this personality type are highly choosy about how they decorate their rooms and what are the things they would shop to make their homes look more appealing to others.

11. Wandering expeditions

If nothing excites them in the hobby list given here, INFPs can also choose to go for long drives or go on walks from one destination to another aimlessly. They are wandering souls who love to explore new places, and know about the life and living of the local people living in that place.

Sometimes, they would also try to learn about the cultural heritage and past history of the place. INFPS enjoy discovering the unknown. 

12. Gaming

At times, INFPs would enjoy using their free time by learning various computer games. The video games should be interesting with good sound effects so that they can use up their free time in the best ways.

Several indoor games such as puzzles, board games also remain on the cards for an INFP so as to stay occupied in free time.

13. Learning new things

Given the ability to enjoy acquiring more knowledge, INFPs will prefer to learn something new every now and then. They may use up their free time in learning a new language, or start off with a regular yoga session etc. T

They may also enjoy browsing the phone or watching YouTube videos to gather more information about many unknown things. They never get bored with new learning as they find it easy to adjust and accommodate new changes in life.

14. Meditation and yoga

Like many other introverts, INFPs will love to spend some quality time with themselves. Meditation is a good choice because it allows for introspection and deep thinking. For some time, they will be able to remove themselves from the chaos going around and be at peace with their inner being.

Moreover, this is a healthy hobby to choose as it enables the person to overcome stress, balance his/her emotions, and live healthy lives, inside out.

15. Listening to music

Another wise hobby choice for an INFP is to listen to good music that can make them feel joyful in no time. They can develop their love for music by learning to play an instrument of their choice, or write a song piece that is soothing and blissful.

16. Outdoor activities

There are many INFPs who would prefer to spend their free time doing outdoor activities such as playing baseball, football, or rugby. They can also engage with rock climbing, running marathons, or a simple nature’s walk on a Sunday morning.

INFPs usually have a long list of outdoor activities such as mountaineering or hiking, water rafting, paragliding that they would love to explore in their free time once in a while, if not always.

17. Photography

Photography is a skillful job, though many people think that what is so artistic about the process of clicking a simple photo. INFPs would love to click landscape photos because they are nature lovers. 

The pictures of the lofty mountains and serene plains can give them inner joy like no other things. People with INFP personalities are also animal lovers. They would love to take pictures of rare species of animals and capture moments of pure joy.

For an INFP, the ideal hobby is something that is stress-free and is intended to give them complete peace of mind.

To Sum Up

INFP hobbies are a long list that shows their diverse interests and versatile nature. They will always hunt for a new hobby to feel relaxed and refreshed while doing it in their free time. 

People with this personality type enjoy doing things that are flexible and can give them pure fun and joy. 

They wish to utilize their downtime by engaging in activities that are totally relaxing and can uplift their mood easily. Pursuing the right hobby enables them to unwind and feel serenity deep inside.