Hobbies of INTP Personality Type

Hobbies of INTP personality type refer to a wide range of leisure activities they indulge in during their free time for fun and relaxation. These activities help them stay mentally fresh.

1. Reading

If you are someone with an INTP personality, you likely love to spend your leisure time reading books and journals.

2. Crafting

Several individuals with this personality type love indulging in pastimes requiring creativity. The creative activities INTPs love include leather crafts, woodworking, sewing, glass blowing, crochet, and metalwork.

3. Browsing the Internet

INTPs are curious individuals. They always remain on the lookout for gathering new information, which can enable them to engage their curiosity.

4. Exercise

INTPs devote a lot of time to carrying out various forms of exercise. They include hiking, kayaking, running, rock climbing, and bicycling

5. Music

Music is one of the favorite hobbies of INTP personality type people. It might involve playing a musical instrument like the guitar, listening to music online or through headphones.

6. Writing

An ideal pastime for an INTP to nurture their creative mind is writing. Many love to write down their thoughts and opinions regarding several topics

7. Meditation

INTP persons often carry very active minds. They are always busy thinking of something or the other. When an INTP decides to take a break from their daily work schedule, they dwell on meditation as a perfect way to rejuvenate.

9. Spend Time in Nature

Another favorite hobby of introverted, intuitive types like an INTP is to spend sufficient time in nature. There is no better feeling than experiencing the beauty of it.

Different hobbies that create great interest among INTPs include writing, reading, clicking pictures, playing strategy games, traveling, and many more. They even love to spend their leisure hours attending various cultural events.