Hobbies of INTP personality type refer to a wide range of leisure activities they indulge in during their free time for fun and relaxation. These activities help them stay mentally fresh. They become rejuvenated before resuming their work.

INTPs show their interest in all activities, which allows them to nurture their curiosity. They pay attention to doing something creative or make them go with logic and understanding.

Hobbies of INTP Personality Type

INTP personality falls under the sixteen personality types invented by the mother-daughter duo of Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers. This personality type stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving features. They often happen to be the most dreamy and thoughtful types, who incline scientific discoveries. As this individual has an insightful and innovative mindset, they love to solve complex puzzles.

These people can point out the things one needs to do for their progress in life. Hence, they become integral members of different teams. They offer valuable input to team members, inspire them to think differently and look for a reason behind every occurrence in this world.

Their dominant function is Introverted Thinking (Ti). It means they love bringing order and structure to their inner world. They provide them with a great sense of internal control. These people maintain discipline and work effectively toward managing their thought processes and lives. This function makes an INTP depend on their logic and formulates their new ways of doing things.

In several respects, it makes Ti a far more versatile and profitable function. INTPs do not refer to external rules and regulations for their work. They hate going by the rule book. It is because they love to experiment. These people always strive to create new things with spontaneity. An INTP has the confidence to figure things out on their own.

INTP happens to be the rarest type of personality. These people are clever and possess innovative minds. They have the confidence to find a way out of any situation. No matter how big a problem they face, it will not manage to deter their fighting spirit.

The auxiliary function of INTP is Extraverted Intuition (Ne). It influences how they collect data and the way they see the world. This function enables them to approach situations from different angles. Rather than focusing on proven methodologies, they follow their desire to find something better.

The following list of INTP hobbies involves several activities, including reading, photography, art, music, hiking, etc.

Let us explore them one by one –

1. Reading

If you are someone with an INTP personality, you likely love to spend your leisure time reading books and journals. They may not always have any relation to their research or level of interest. Works of fiction also create interest among these individuals.

INTPs consider reading a great way to escape from all kinds of tension and stress present in life. It enables them to engage their mind in wide-scale imagination, generating different ideas they can use to good effect during their life.

2. Crafting

Several individuals with this personality type love indulging in pastimes requiring creativity. The creative activities INTPs love include leather crafts, woodworking, sewing, glass blowing, crochet, and metalwork.

Therefore, INTPs can use their free time to design a coffee table, their boots, and many more things of great utility. These creations can even help others in their surroundings learn some tricks to build something interesting.

3. Browsing the Internet

INTPs happen to be one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. These are curious individuals. They always remain on the lookout for gathering new information, which can enable them to engage their curiosity. 

The variety of information and knowledge they receive at their fingertips makes things easy for an INTP to get engrossed in it. These people can even spend hours researching their favorite topics and learning new stuff.

The Internet can even allow INTPs to find new connections. They can get in touch with them, exchange ideas and enhance their knowledge. As they are introverts, they usually do not like to spend too much around people. Thus, it gives them the privilege to connect for a specific period at their convenience.

4. Exercise

Indulging in physical exercises is always a healthy practice. It keeps people mentally and physically fresh, releasing their stress and tension. INTPs devote a lot of time to carrying out various forms of exercise. They include hiking, kayaking, running, rock climbing, and bicycling.

They are also into weightlifting, which enables them to build muscles and keep their body in proper shape. Hence, one must not get surprised if they find INTP personality type people flocking to gyms. It is important to note that these individuals will only do those exercises they enjoy and not spend time doing just about any physical activity.

5. Music

Music is one of the favorite hobbies of INTP personality type people. It might involve playing a musical instrument like the guitar, listening to music online or through headphones, attending musical concerts, producing, or mixing music. Hence, you can see that any form of music is good enough to attract the attention of these introverts.

If you come across an individual with this personality type, they will always mention listening to music as their preferred hobby. It gives a soothing touch to their senses and helps them find solace from the daily grind.

6. Writing

An ideal pastime for an INTP to nurture their creative mind is writing. Many love to write down their thoughts and opinions regarding several topics. They might even focus on writing poetries. These people take cues on writing about different aspects of life from several quarters.

INTPs love exploring places, which enables them to see how people from different cultures and backgrounds lead their lives. They see these as actual sources of inspiration for writing. Some do not hesitate to write down their plans and places they will visit after traveling to a particular region.

7. Learning a New Language

We know that INTPs are always curious to learn something new in their life. They have an insatiable appetite for attaining knowledge across different forms. Thus, this personality type is always willing to learn a new language, adding a new skill to their kitty.

It is a challenge to learn any foreign language. Whoever does so with success stays one step ahead of others in their skill. 

Hence, an INTP is always at an advantage. Knowing any language other than one’s native language can help them gain preferences in foreign projects across workplaces where proficiency in the language of that region is a must.

8. Meditation

INTP persons often carry very active minds. They are always busy thinking of something or the other, trying to enhance their creativity. Thus, despite being introverts, they are restless from the inside. The good thing is that when an INTP decides to take a break from their daily work schedule, they dwell on meditation as a perfect way to rejuvenate.

Meditation enables them to slow down their pace and relax. It gives them the energy to pay close attention to their thoughts and find their focus. Several INTPs enjoy doing yoga. They take it as a hobby to attain better concentration.

9. Spend Time in Nature

Another favorite hobby of introverted, intuitive types like an INTP is to spend sufficient time in nature. There is no better feeling than experiencing the beauty of it and hence adding a soothing touch to your senses. They can find numerous things to do and secure different levels of attraction toward various activities.

They include backpacking, hiking, fishing, getting creative with flowers and leaves, and exploring wildlife. There are several other options where these people can find excellent ways to unwind and take their minds off serious stuff.

10. Playing Strategy Games

There are numerous strategy games that INTPs can indulge themselves in playing during leisure hours. These refer to those games in which the decision-making skills of individuals help determine their outcomes. They require players to use their analytical brains to study critical situations and develop a master plan for coming out of them.

INTPs excel in this activity. Hence, they love playing Rise of Nations, Company of Heroes, Chess, and other strategy games during their free time. The regularity with which they indulge themselves in playing these games makes it an exciting INTP hobby.

11. Taking Classes with students or life coaching

INTP personality type people experience great fascination with taking classes with students across topics of various interests. They do not resort to any specific subject for teaching. Some of these individuals love doing hands-on research and experimentation as part of their teaching process.

It comes from their intention to satisfy their curious nature by exploring different topics from time to time. They manage to do so while making people gain knowledge in various domains. It gives an INTP immense pleasure to spend their free time doing productive work.

12. Traveling

We all love traveling to different places, including cities, lakes, mountains, coastlines, etc. The same applies to the INTP personality type people. Some of these individuals set travel goals right at the start of the year. They thoroughly research the places ideally suited for visits during different times of the year and plan accordingly.

Their quest for enriching knowledge makes these people fond of this activity. INTPs take a lot of interest in understanding the history, culture, traditions, food habits, and several other aspects of a place they intend to visit.

13. Watching TV Series and Movies

It feels relaxing for an INTP to spend leisure time watching TV series or movies. They are sources of great distractions from daily stress and tension. People with this Myers Briggs type not only manage to relax but also have fun while enjoying their favorite stars in action.

The most important thing about this hobby is that they find it quite intriguing to get ideas, which INTPs can implement and make a part of their list of interests. Therefore, they enjoy experiencing the dual purpose of entertainment and accumulating ideas for making their lives fruitful.

14. Photography

It is always a pleasure to capture unique moments or masterpieces we come across now and then in our lives. The same applies to INTPs. Due to a rise in demand for smartphones and digital cameras, photography has become a popular option for INTPs to do what they love.

It is one of the most artistic hobbies, people with this Myers Briggs personality love engaging themselves. They enjoy clicking pictures of various elements in their surroundings as this activity helps them to use their creative mind.

Numerous INTPs love involving themselves in computer-related activities as hobbies. These seem extremely enjoyable to them as a computer offers them the chance to become creative.

Some of these introverts find their interests in software activities. They include programming language, data analytics, and graphic design. Others love to deal with the specifications of the hardware. Hence, they invest their time in building or repairing computers.

16. Visiting Cultural Events

INTP personality type people love visiting different cultural events, including concerts, fashion events, award ceremonies, theatre shows, etc. They love sharing their passion for art and culture with their friends and loved ones. Sharing enables them to exchange different views, which might help them find a different perspective on any aspect of an event.

They can start seeing it from that different angle next time onwards. These individuals do not hold themselves back from visiting preferred festivals during the summer season. Thus, INTPs keep their options open for different seasons when it comes to enjoying the rich cultural heritage of a place.

To Sum Up

In this article, we have discussed several hobbies for INTP personality type people. They enjoy spending time with themselves. It helps them to explore different options by nurturing their ideas.

Different hobbies that create great interest among INTPs include writing, reading, clicking pictures, playing strategy games, traveling, and many more. They even love to spend their leisure hours attending various cultural events.