Hobbies OF ISFJ Personality Type

Home décor

ISFJs are closely connected to their home and family life. They love to buy fashionable stuff for their homes and decorate their house to their heart’s content.


ISFJs love to draw and paint because they are creative and have an innate love for aesthetics and designing. This is one of their preferred pastimes.


ISFJs become great writers because of their inclination towards creating new stories through which they will be able to express themselves well. Putting words to their subtle feelings is what they enjoy doing in leisure hours.

Film watching

When ISFJs are at home and doing nothing productive, you may find them watching movies.


ISFJs are great cooks and they love to fill up the plates of their friends and family members with mouthwatering recipes and cuisines.


Due to their love for various sensory experiences, ISFJs love to spend time outdoors amidst nature and click pictures of various types.

Origami and paper craft

Being a creative person, an ISFJ will be quick to use their creative talents and make artwork out of paper quilling or origami.

Yoga and meditation

ISFJs are introverts. Thus, they enjoy alone time just with themselves. Nothing more will be more enjoyable to them other than spending time in deep meditation.

ISFJs choose hobbies that match with their core personality traits. They prefer to have an easy dose of both fun and new learning. Moreover, their side hustles should give them pure joy. They do not like too serious things to be done in leisure hours, rather prefer to stay casual and easygoing as much as possible.