The hobbies of ISFJ personality types include a wide range of activities that they engage in just for fun. These side hustles help them unwind and rejuvenate in an all-new way.

ISFJs are good helping hands. In leisure time, they will devote themselves to activities that are meant to serve others. They may get into voluntary activities that will go into building communities that are supportive and considerate.

People with an ISFJ personality type likes to do stuff that can help them relax and stay in tune with their inner selves. These people are introverts so it’s obvious that they will prefer to unwind fully using their ‘me time’ in the best possible ways.

Here are some of the best pastimes side-hustles that ISFJs would love to do anytime, any day.

Hobbies of ISFJ personality type

ISFJs share many qualities of an extrovert type. Thus, their hobby choices will be diverse. You will find them having varied interests. But they are not self-serving types. Most of the time, they devote their time and energy in meeting others’ needs and neglect their own likes and dislikes.

ISFJ hobbies include activities that keep them close to their relationships. Since they are family oriented types, they prefer to spend time with family members and friends. Chit Chatting with friends or having a family game together with their loved ones will be on their priority list always.

Sometimes, ISFJs feel refreshed if they are allowed alone time where they can actually connect with their inner vibes and feel rejuvenated. Their favorite pastimes include listening to soothing music, painting, origami, and various other art forms.

They love indulging in activities that have a creative side and stimulate their senses. Being a sensing type, they love to get into the details of things; thus activities like gardening, home décor are also their likable activities.

People with ISFJ personalities are into hobbies that help them to maintain a low profile about themselves. Even when volunteering, they will do it behind the scenes. These people are shy and avoid the spotlight wherever they go.

Their hobby choices are simple, yet creative in nature. These individuals also love to create cozy home gardens. For them, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a sapling grow into a full grown plant. ISFJs are emotional personality types. 

Thus, they choose hobbies that are soft and creative. They do not like adventure sports or loud partying as it drains them mentally.

Here we take an attempt to list down all the favorite pastimes of these introvert types.

1. Home décor

ISFJs are closely connected to their home and family life. They love to buy fashionable stuff for their homes and decorate their house to their heart’s content. It could be the best chandeliers, or curtains, or the best crockeries to suit the mood of each and every family member.

Their houses are well organized, neat, and tidy. ISFJs are by nature very systematic people. Their homes are picture-perfect and every corner of their home is vibrant and warm.

They love to design and decorate their homes in their leisure time. They may decorate their house with many plants to improve the air quality for good health. You will find small plants every here and there, so that calmness prevails in the house.

They take extra effort to design their homes so that it’s the best place for them to thrive in peace. Decorating, cooking dishes for family and friends are amongst their likable pastimes.

2. Painting 

ISFJs love to draw and paint because they are creative and have an innate love for aesthetics and designing. This is one of their preferred pastimes. They will draw concrete objects and with great detail. They love drawing sceneries, landscapes, human sketches etc.

They also appreciate various art forms done by others. You may see them strolling happily through art galleries or visiting online art stores to indulge in creativity and innovation. Spending time with colors and brushes help them to feel relaxed from deep inside.

3. Writing

ISFJs become great writers because of their inclination towards creating new stories through which they will be able to express themselves well. Putting words to their subtle feelings is what they enjoy doing in leisure hours. 

They love to pen down their thoughts and feelings. It acts as a vent to those untold stories that no one has heard before. ISFJs have introverted feeling as a dominant cognitive function. Thus, these individuals love to discover their inner world in newer ways.

For an ISFJ, writing their tale is cathartic and gives an outlet to those feelings that were never surfaced before. Most successful writers such as Lord Alfred Tennyson, Agatha Christie are all ISFJs.

They write for personal expression and self-fulfillment that no other pastimes can give them in reality.

4. Film watching

When ISFJs are at home and doing nothing productive, you may find them watching movies. They will see movies analytically; maybe they will try to analyze each scene, the actor’s role in the scene, etc. ISFJs are sensing types. It means they are practical, present-focused and love to explore everything in detail. 

5. Cooking

ISFJs are great cooks and they love to fill up the plates of their friends and family members with mouthwatering recipes and cuisines. They love to experiment with diverse recipes and study a lot about the eating habits of people across the globe.

Their cooking skill is not limited to home but they also engage in community cooking that is meant for the needy. These people are meticulous and orderly. They will meal prep much ahead of doing the actual dish. This saves their precious time and helps them make awesome food.

During leisure time, you may see them trying to make new recipes while reading a recipe book or browsing video clips. Whatever it is, cooking is one of their best suited hobbies because they are good at it.

6. Photography

Due to their love for various sensory experiences, ISFJs love to spend time outdoors amidst nature and click pictures of various types. They love to spend time by taking pictures of their loved ones, clicking moments that they can cherish while unwinding alone.

They adore seeing snapshots of their loved ones making nuances. ISFJs will take nature photographs that make them feel grounded to Mother Earth. They also prefer wildlife photography as it connects them with varied emotions of the animal kingdom.

ISFJs love to take clicks of festivals and occasions, parties and get together. They want to hold onto the moments long after they are gone. These people are gentle and sensitive. They love to stay connected to their past memories that gave them immense joy and happiness.

7. Origami and paper craft

Being a creative person, an ISFJ will be quick to use their creative talents and make artwork out of paper quilling or origami. They love to do craft activities in their leisure hours. This activity connects them with their aesthetic world that is rich and colorful.

It is a delightful hobby for an ISFJ because it satisfies their creative need and also allows them to make something in detail. 

Origami is a fun way to explore and experiment with creative ideas. They are also into making stuff out of waste materials. This hobby is an ideal pastime for them as it satisfies them fully.

8. Yoga and meditation

ISFJs are introverts. Thus, they enjoy alone time just with themselves. Nothing more will be more enjoyable to them other than spending time in deep meditation. The practice of yoga and meditation has many health benefits and also helps them to stay calm and serene. 

This meditation process helps the ISFJs to stay focused in the moments that they would simply love to do. Moreover, it helps an ISFJ to connect with their thoughts and emotions that otherwise goes neglected in their urge to help others.

Thus, yoga and meditation is a likable hobby for them because it allows them to sit with their subtle emotions that need care and concern.

9. Camping

This is another leisure activity that ISFJs should engage with just for fun and happiness. ISFJs like to live in the moment and enjoy their sensory overload. 

The chirping of birds, the gurgling sound of the waterfall while they are out for a camping trip will be a heart-warming experience for them.

These people are nature lovers and occasional camping in the countryside helps them to relax and rejuvenate after a weeklong work. They will prefer this activity because it makes them stay grounded in the present and enjoy life just as it is.

10. Embroidery

ISFJs feel delighted when they are able to create something with their hands. They love stitching and embroidery work as it is enjoyable and satisfies their need to create something absolutely new and artistic.

Though it’s an old-fashioned hobby and a forgotten art, yet ISFJs love doing it because it gives them pure joy like nothing else. It is both relaxing and refreshing to see your own creations in front of you. 

11. Conversation with family and friends

This happens to be their favorite pastime. ISFJs are family-oriented people. They love to be surrounded with their friends and family. This involves casual talks, light-hearted communication, as well as serious conversations.

When an ISFJ is not doing anything, you may find them getting involved in family functions and get together. They are good helping hands whom others trust. 

Moreover, they also find time to watch movies, or go for an outing with their dear ones once in a while, even if they are busy with work commitments.

12. Running and cycling

Outdoor activities are a way to stay fit and healthy. It keeps the mind fresh and rejuvenated as well. ISFJs love to spend time in nature. 

Cycling is a pleasurable activity for them. They love to go hiking, bike racing as well. Some of their hobby choices match with an extrovert. Thus, they are easily misunderstood. 

ISFJs also love going for marathons and taking part in running competitions. These activities are relaxing and help them overcome their daily life stressors. 

13. Learn a new language

ISFJs are creative and remain open to new learning. They are proactive and prefer to stimulate their senses. Sometimes, they will try their hand in learning a new language. Finding time to learn a new language can be helpful in enhancing your professional endeavors.

14. Candle making

This is another pastime that ISFJs can easily pursue. Since they are creative, they will always have a treasure of new ideas to work with. Being a sensing personality, ISFJs would love to make candles of different scents and designs. It will stimulate their senses and make them feel good about themselves. Moreover, this home based endeavor can also turn into a full-fledged entrepreneurship in a short time. So, why not give it a good try?

15. Reading

This is another refreshing pastime that ISFJs would love to engage with. They love to read stories, magazines and gather new information about the world around them. 

These people have an organized inner world. They prefer to stay updated as much as possible. So, reading can be a tool to stay updated about current affairs and vital world issues.

To Sum Up

ISFJs choose hobbies that match with their core personality traits. They prefer to have an easy dose of both fun and new learning. Moreover, their side hustles should give them pure joy. 

They do not like too serious things to be done in leisure hours, rather prefer to stay casual and easygoing as much as possible.