Hobbies of the INFJ Personality Type

People with INFJ preferences will love solitary hobbies more than group activities. They will take up hobbies that are full of creativity, values, and deep thinking. INFJs are intuitive by nature.

Art and painting

INFJs want to boost up their spirits, they will resort to art activities such as drawing, painting, sketching, etc.


INFJs would love to dive deep into meaningful conversations about topics not known to them.

Cooking and baking

INFJs enjoy cooking new dishes and alluring their taste buds in good ways.

Crafting and Origami

INFJs love jewelry designing, soap making, glass painting, flower arranging, and much more.

Cultural Fests and Fairs

INFJs have great pleasure by attending a theater festival, or dance program of a different land.


INFJs love to dance and participate in cultural dance festivals, ballet, or any other dance forms.


INFJs are passionate about sharing their deepest thoughts and opinions with the greater world.