The hobbies of INFJ personality types should be amusing, interesting, and easy to do. These individuals prefer individual hobbies instead of doing anything in groups. Being introverted, their imaginative world is deep and creative. They’re focused on creating something great and amazing during their leisure hours.

Their hobbies are usually exclusive and unique, something that enables them to use their downtime as productively as possible. INFJs are usually interested in pursuing hobbies that relate to their core nature. 

In this think piece, we will see which hobbies and interests are dear to them in everyday life.

Hobbies of INFJ personality type

They are introverted-intuitive types, thus it is obvious that their hobbies will not be out of the blue. They will be keen to pursue hobbies that are enjoyable and also allow them to think deeply and learn passionately about new things.

People with INFJ preferences will love solitary hobbies more than group activities. They will prefer cooperative games at home instead of competing outside with friends or unknown people. These individuals will also feel blessed if their leisure activities give them an opportunity for personal growth.

As they have a deliberate and serious approach to everything they pursue in life, their hobby choices are not an exception. They will take up hobbies that are full of creativity, values, and deep thinking. INFJs are intuitive by nature. So, it’s no wonder that they will select hobbies that can help them learn something and use that learning in their daily life. 

Sometimes, INFJs will choose hobbies that will help them build better communities or support others in need. They are empathetic toward the needs of others. As such, you may find them developing hobbies like spending time with orphan children, or doing social service for elderly people, etc.

These people are passionate about anything they do or plan to pursue in life. Therefore, their side hustles are also undertaken with devotion. They love to paint, do clay modeling, and do gardening.

 INFJs favorite hobbies also include cooking, reading, indoor play, and much more. INFJs also prefer intellectual discussions. They are interested in spending the game night with family and friends. People with INFJ preference will explore various pastime activities and try to find out the best fit for themselves. Their hobby choices are such that it allows for quality time with ‘self’ and also help them to learn something new and productive. 

The 20 hobbies in detail

INFJs can show their interest in diverse activities. Their hobbies are not the same every time. Thus, we have compiled a non-exhaustive list of favorite hobbies just for you.

1 Spending time in nature

This is one of their favorite pastimes because they are nature lovers and enjoy the serene beauty of nature in particular. The INFJ type will prefer to walk in a park, trek along the woods, and even sit beside the sea beach to enjoy nature in its fullest beauty.

The calm experience helps INFJ to recharge their batteries after a weeklong tiring work or a day-long chaos crowding their inner ‘self’ in small and big ways.

2. Art and painting

At any given moment, INFJs would pursue this hobby without a second thought. Being creative people, art inspires them in finer ways. They find their inner expressions being displayed through various art forms. When INFJs are not doing anything interesting and want to boost up their spirits, they will resort to art activities such as drawing, painting, sketching, etc.

Sometimes, they will also show interest in visiting art galleries and local fairs to check out indigenous art forms. INFJs appreciate art in diverse ways. So, this naturally becomes a well-chosen pastime for them.

3. Conversations

INFJs would love to dive deep into meaningful conversations about topics not known to them. They would love to engage in conversations that are interesting and help them to think intuitively about topics that are both interesting and meaningful.

In their free time, you may find them engaging with an online community or calling upon a friend, meeting him/her, and start talking about topics that are worthy of discussion. Intellectual conversations can interest an INFJ at any moment, any time.

4. Cooking and baking

It will not be unusual for an INFJ to open a video or read a beginner’s cookbook and start making a dish on their own. In their free time, they would enjoy cooking new dishes and alluring their taste buds in good ways. They will also love to either bake cakes or cookies or learn new ways of decorating a cake. 

This hobby will be both enjoyable and a life skill learning for an INFJ. Cooking and baking will teach them patience and attention to detail as well. This hobby will be fun and they will also get an opportunity to share their tasty treats with others.

5. Crafting and Origami 

Being a creative person, origami papercraft or any other form of crafting can catch INFJs attention quite easily. They would love to do a wide range of craft activities such as jewelry designing, soap making, glass painting, flower arranging, and much more. These activities will help them engage productively with something concrete in their free time.

6. Attending cultural fests and fairs

Many INFJs would enjoy participating in or simply attending a cultural fest that involves the amalgamation of diverse traditions and cultures. They will rejoice in moments of great pleasure by attending a theater festival, or dance program of a different land. 

Even live concerts of musicians from across the globe will also be appealing to an INFJ type. Sometimes, INFJs would prefer watching movies in the quiet setup of their cozy home, if not anywhere else.

7. Dancing

People with INFJ preference would love to dance to the tune of a lovely and nice musical piece. It seems improbable for an introverted person to enjoy something that requires a lot of physical mobility and coordination with the music. 

But truly speaking, INFJs love to dance and participate in cultural dance festivals, ballet, or any other dance forms. If they get praised for their endeavors, then nothing like that. It will be the icing on the cake for an INFJ person.

8.  Gaming

INFJs love playing games. It could be anything from board games to online gaming and even outdoor sports such as cricket, football, or basketball. These individuals can plan well, and build strategies to resolve problems.

Any sort of complex games and physical sports are appealing to an INFJ person. They will choose this as a preferred hobby without any second thought.

9. Gardening

INFJs are nature lovers and it’s not unusual for them to love plants and trees, flowers and bloom, and greenery all around them. INFJs will be able to develop their sensing side and feel good about their association with Nature. 

They will also get the chance to connect with the beauty and aesthetics of nature. Knowing the various plant species and their special needs, and blooming details will also require experimentation and new learning. 

An INFJ person will devote enough time to understanding these subtle details and they would do it with enjoyment and contentment in their hearts.

10. Fiber crafts

INFJs also enjoy crafts that are related to clothing such as stitching, crocheting, or dress designing. They would feel great about themselves if they land up designing an outfit for themselves or their near and dear ones.

INFJs may do a lot of online research as well regarding their newly built passion for fiber crafts so that creativity comes out in its finest forms.

11. Writing

INFJs are creative writers. They’re passionate about sharing their deepest thoughts and opinions with the greater world. Being a creative person allows for deeper introspection and as such, they are able to create poems and stories, and creative blogs on various niches. Through storytelling, they will express their innermost thoughts and depth of feelings on a piece of paper.

Sometimes, INFJs would use writing as a form of journaling. Their inner world is rich and meaningful. They will probably use writing as a tool for meaningful communication with others.

INFJs become excellent bloggers in online communities. Some of them also turn this hobby into a passion and can become self-published authors. INFJs are drawn toward any type of artistic endeavor and writing is just an addition to this list.

12. Listening to music

The vibrations and tuning of a soothing music piece can add calmness to a peace-loving nature of an INFJ. Their strong musical sense can help them connect with their deepest feelings. In their free time, you may find them listening to instrumental pieces or old English classics of all-time favorites. 

Anything that allows them to feel lost and connects them with their inner core will be attractive for an INFJ. Sometimes they may use music for connecting with others socially. Things like attending a musical concert with friends and family will be welcoming and enjoyable for these introverts.

13. Photography

INFJs are lovers of beauty and aesthetics. Photography can be a wise hobby choice for them. They are detail-oriented, and organized, and prefer to capture the beauty of the world around them forever. 

This is possible through photography. INFJs can spend their leisure hours wisely by clicking pictures of Nature, wildlife, old monuments, etc. By doing this; they will also give vent to their artistic abilities.  Their creative side will find an expression as well.

14. Reading

INFJs are deep thinkers who prefer to live in a world of possibilities. Therefore, reading can be a good hobby choice for them. It will help them gather more information about unknown things. Moreover, an intense exploration of varied ideas, imaginations, and perspectives will be possible through reading. 

Most often, it is a known fact that INFJs would select reading as their first love recreational activity. This is a favorite pastime because they will get lost in the good book that they are reading quite easily. 

There is also a possibility that they will join a regular book club or avail of a library membership to nurture their reading habits far and wide.

15. Involve with yoga and mindfulness practice

Through this hobby, INFJs will be able to connect with their inner world. Meditation and yoga also help them be present in the finest moments of life. Being an intuitive personality type, INFJs may struggle to stay alert in their present time. 

Thus, a regular practice of yoga and meditation can help them connect with the moments that are precious and worthy. This introspective process is soothing and can help them declutter from the chaos of the outer world very easily.

16. Urban foraging

This is a good hobby choice for an INFJ. This will help them connect with nature in innovative ways. Urban foraging is a way to collect edible plants and food sources directly from suppliers of organic foods. 

This is also the best way to stay fit and fine by consuming only healthy food that is organic and plant-based. INFJs can spend a few hours on weekends doing such a thing that is both enjoyable and helps them develop healthy eating habits.

17. Joining an athletic club

INFJs will always show interest in outdoor activities that allow them to stay physically active. By joining an athletic club, they will get a chance to participate in competitive sports, and learn the health benefits of playing regular sports. This hobby will also result in socialization and becoming a part of a larger community.

18. Learning a new language

INFJs would love to broaden their knowledge base far and wide. Learning a new language allows for a deeper exploration of ideas and his hobby will keep them updated with new learning all the time. 

This hobby will allow for intellectual stimulation as well as real-time enjoyment of living a meaningful life. They may join an in-person language class or start off with a language app for practice and further refinement of their language skills. 

19. Volunteering

INFJs would love to help others, especially those who are less privileged than them in the social structure. They will always come out of their comfort zone and help the needy and poor. 

Volunteering is a good fit hobby for them. They’re naturally altruistic and caring. This allows for social participation in fundraising, and community service for the greater good of a large number of underprivileged populations. 

20. Researching diverse topics 

INFJs can spend their leisure time researching diverse topics that interest them deeply. It could be a natural science, psychology, history, world affairs, and much more. Studying some of the popular fields will help them bust boredom during their free time. It will be both learning and recreation together.

To Sum Up

From the discussion, it becomes quite clear that INFJs have a number of hobby choices that can be both fun-loving and interesting. Thus, it’s up to them which one to choose from. 

For an INFJ type, the best recreational activity would be the one that adds meaning to their lives. They would love to spend their free time happily and productively.

The hobbies they choose should help them develop their creative side as well. INFJs will never choose loud hobbies instead they prefer solitary activities that allow for a deeper connection with their own ‘self’. 

Diving deep inside themselves helps them to become more intuitive and practical in newer ways every now and then.