How to be a Better Beta Male

Play within the team instead of leading from above or step down

The beta male isn't comfortable leading, so he follows. But if you are a leader, don't assume that you must step down from the throne to be like true beta males.

Never show passive aggression

One of the characteristics of a beta male is to not show passive aggression. Even if he avoids conflicts and lets the other person have their way, he doesn’t try to take revenge with small inconveniences for them.

Don’t let the urge to compete overwhelm your life

Beta males prefer to take it easy in life. They have zero desire to be like alpha males. So, they don’t like to compete at all and stay within their comfort zone.

Be trustworthy and loyal to deserving people

Men with beta male traits are extremely loyal and trustworthy. So, to embrace the beta side even better, learn to keep others’ secrets.

Never second-guess your powers

Contrary to popular opinion, the beta male is pretty self-confident. Everyone assumes that he feels low about coming second in the hierarchy. But he completely owns what he has. He has zero insecurities about himself.

Be comfortable on your own

The beta man is introverted, so he can enjoy his time even without loved ones. If someone cancels their plan with him, he knows how to make his day worthwhile. He uses his time to learn productive skills.

Work on your communication skills

The beta man has excellent communication skills, so work on that. Learn to express your thoughts and opinions coherently instead of expecting others to understand you.

Don’t play mind games in love

When a beta male falls in love, he doesn’t play hot and cold to make the other person understand his worth. So, brush off all the thoughts of playing hard-to-get.

Before you hurry to begin, remember that good things take time, awareness, and caution. You definitely need the patience to embrace the traits and change your personality. But you must also be aware of the flaws of the beta male. Don't overdo anything and you're all set!