So, you want to know how to be a better beta male? Already found some basic similarities with this personality? Want to embrace all the good parts of it?

Well, you’ve reached the perfect place because this think-piece will spill it all. You’ll learn all the traits of a beta male step-by-step. And don’t worry, you won’t pick up any flaws.

C’mon, let’s begin!

How to Be a Better Beta Male?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have major similarities with the beta male. If you just feel impressed by this personality yet and want to embrace it, that’s fine too. So long you put in enough effort things will work out.

So, let’s dive in!

1. Play within the team instead of leading from above or step down

The beta male isn’t comfortable leading, so he follows. But if you are a leader, don’t assume that you must step down from the throne to be like true beta males.

You don’t need to give up on your dreams if you like this

Instead, understand what kind of leadership style you follow.

If you usually guide others from the top and not within the team, it’s time to change a few things.

Try to put yourself in others’ shoes. Don’t just manage everyone’s work, work alongside them sometimes. This will help you understand their troubles better and guide them flawlessly.

However, if you are tired of leading, it’s okay to step down and let someone else take charge!

2. If you always follow, then be compassionate to your leader and cooperate

On the other hand, if you have always been a follower, then improve your skills. Learn to listen to the leader’s orders well and carry them out perfectly.

Beta men make great team players, so try to coordinate with others.

Respect your team leader for doing their job well. Don’t assume that they only have a life full of enjoyment. If they ever lose their temper, don’t assume the worst about them.

Of course, that doesn’t imply he is free to bully you as he desires. But, if it happens occasionally, calm yourself and the rest of the team.

3. Avoid or postpone conflicts if you’re hot-headed and don’t have solutions

Well, another of the beta males’ behavior is being conflict-avoidant. Now, you only need to take the good part out of this trait to be a better beta male.

When your opinions are different from others and neither of you wants to compromise, it naturally leads to a full-fledged fight.

Be alert if you are especially prone to losing your calm too fast. Take anger management classes to control your temper.

When something ticks you off, don’t verbally attack the other person. Take a break from the conversation, take deep breaths, count to 10, and think about a way to deal with the situation.

Go with whatever works best for the situation at hand… even if it doesn’t work for you. Just make sure you don’t fight.

4. Never show passive aggression

One of the characteristics of a beta male is to not show passive aggression. Even if he avoids conflicts and lets the other person have their way, he doesn’t try to take revenge with small inconveniences for them.

He either fixes the situation on his own and makes it work for him or he completely lets it go.

So, if you’re dissatisfied with how things turned out but you can’t oppose it directly, you’re probably pissed. You might want to pass rude comments or make them suffer in small indirect ways.

Fight this urge completely and work on your mental health. Figure things out by yourself or speak to a therapist. Don’t let the flames of revenge engulf you.

5. Before taking responsibility, understand your tasks well

Out of all the beta male traits, a nice one is their responsibility sense. He can’t decide things independently but once he gets enough ideas and clear instructions on something, he does his best.

So, to be as good at your duties, get detailed guidelines about the situation from the authorities. Don’t be shy to ask about everything you need to work perfectly. Don’t assume that they expect you to know everything.

Even while you’re on your task, don’t hesitate to seek help!

6. Don’t let the urge to compete overwhelm your life

Beta males prefer to take it easy in life. They have zero desire to be like alpha males. So, they don’t like to compete at all and stay within their comfort zone.

Now, if you are ambitious, that’s okay. This isn’t advice to give up on your dreams, so don’t misunderstand!

However, remember that competition isn’t everything in your life. Instead of focusing on your work and/or academics only, spend time with your loved ones.

Treat your competitors well because you both belong to human societies. Remember, it’s a battle between your skills and talents and you have nothing personal against each other!

7. Be trustworthy and loyal to deserving people

Men with beta male traits are extremely loyal and trustworthy. So, to embrace the beta side even better, learn to keep others’ secrets.

Never use others’ miseries to make small talk. Don’t gossip about people’s flaws behind their backs. Understand that all human beings are flawed.

Once you give a word to someone, stay true to it till the end. Even if the promise seems tough to keep, try hard until it becomes impossible.

8. Never second-guess your powers

Contrary to popular opinion, the beta male is pretty self-confident. Everyone assumes that he feels low about coming second in the hierarchy. But he completely owns what he has. He has zero insecurities about himself.

So, if you have any insecurities, it’s time to break free. Remember that everyone is unique and has flaws. You are no different from the rest of the world.

Don’t obsess over an issue as it puts you and your self-confidence down. Embrace your flaws and perfections entirely.

Moreover, if you are an alpha or sigma and desire to be a beta, people will look down on you. Just don’t pay attention to them!

9. Speak and act respectfully to everyone despite differences

You will come across lots of different people throughout your life. They will all be unique people with different backgrounds, experiences, thinking styles, and perceptions.

A beta male never judges anyone based on differences. Rather he accepts everyone equally and never demands them to change.

So, be open to appreciating the new people around you. Sometimes, you won’t like someone or won’t agree with them. You’re free to express yourself but never disrespect others.

But, if anyone tries to hurt you, you are free to protect yourself by any means.

10. When anyone seeks help, support them without judgmental thoughts

The beta male helps everyone without any judgment. Now don’t go as far as trusting and helping everyone like him. Otherwise, you’ll be taken advantage of by others.

However, embrace the good part of this beta man personality trait.

For instance, if a skilled veteran seeks your help, don’t think you’re better than them. No need to feel arrogant or proud about this.

Or, if a newbie seeks your help, don’t look down on them for not knowing the basics.

Always remember that there’s no end to learning new things.

11. Be comfortable on your own

The beta man is introverted, so he can enjoy his time even without loved ones. If someone cancels their plan with him, he knows how to make his day worthwhile. He uses his time to learn productive skills.

Now, if you are an extrovert, don’t force yourself to spend more time with yourself and socialize as you desire. However, don’t feel low if people stand you up at the last minute.

Watch that movie, try out that new activity, or hit the bar on your own.  Or, learn new skills for your personal or professional life.

12. Work on your communication skills

The beta man has excellent communication skills, so work on that. Learn to express your thoughts and opinions coherently instead of expecting others to understand you.

Be loud, clear, and honest when you speak. Don’t keep room for misunderstandings. This skill will help you work on any kind of conflict resolution or even in regular conversations.

Break free from the idea that everyone understands you.  Because unless you openly convey yourself, nobody does.

You can even refer to self-help books on open communications!

13. In social situations, don’t agree to get crazy with new people

If you avoid being a leader and feel comfortable following others’ lead, this one’s for you.

It’s okay if you want to follow others’ lead, but be mindful. Follow others’ commands only when you’re at school, work, or doing something serious or creative around your loved ones.

Specifically, when you have fun with people, don’t let them boss you. Don’t agree to have every drink they ask you to have. Even if others do something crazy and are still safe, don’t do it. Learn to keep yourself safe!

14. Don’t crave attention excessively

Beta men hate any kind of attention on them. But don’t worry if you are extroverted. Since you love it when people pay attention to you, keep it like that.

However, make sure you don’t crave attention. Grab the limelight naturally with your hard work. Don’t go out of your way or take rash steps for it.

If people don’t notice you, don’t try to ask for it. Otherwise, they’ll look down on you for lacking confidence. They’ll never sympathize with you for feeling insecure.

15. Keep toxic masculinity out of your life

The beta male isn’t interested in being the top guy. But unlike some alphas, his ego and masculinity don’t hurt when their partner earns more or becomes more authoritative. Rather, they enjoy it as they get to relax.

So, learn to embrace your partner’s progress. Don’t be jealous if they earn more or need to socialize with different people. With more power and authority, they’ll need to put in more effort.

Support their success journey and be genuinely happy for them. Cherish your relationship and get rid of the ego of “manhood”.

16. Be careful and alert about risks

The beta male hates taking any kind of risks. He always plays it safe to avoid unwanted situations in life. However, complete risk avoidance is not a good idea if you want to grow.

Rather, be more aware of the risks you undertake. Make sure you don’t jump into one because it’s a good opportunity. Calculate what you risk against your gains and the risk-to-reward ratio.

You can progress in life only if you take aware actions.

17. Own your emotions

The beta male doesn’t care what society defines as manly. He believes in letting his feelings out and being expressive. If he feels hurt, he doesn’t suppress his tears.

He won’t let society’s derogatory comments about this stop him. This also protects him from many mental health concerns.

So, if you ever feel like you can’t take it, just let it out. Of course, people around you will always judge if you cry. So, excuse yourself and take your time in the washroom. Or, talk to a trustworthy person and let it all out.

If anyone mocks you for being yourself

18. Instill an approachable aura

Alpha and beta males are complete opposites in this one. Unlike alphas, the appearance of a beta man is not intimidating. Rather they look extremely approachable and friendly to others.

This makes people around them comfortable. They seek their help without any hesitation.

So, even if you are super muscular and look rough, try to be polite and put on a friendly smile. Don’t wear clothes that particularly make you seem scary or nervous.

Be calm and collected to give away a warm aura.

19. Remember you aren’t entitled to anything

Beta men never feel entitled to anything. They neither demand anything from anyone nor act like they deserve something without earning it. This is truly a gentleman-like character.

So, learn to let go of the entitlement attitude. Remember that your friends, parents, or partner don’t owe you anything.

If your parents can’t buy you something, don’t label them as bad or mean. If your partner doesn’t agree to do anything intimate, don’t force them into it because you’re “lovers”. If your friends can’t meet you on the weekends, don’t question their loyalty.

Of course, that doesn’t imply they are free to neglect or disrespect you. Never let anyone mistreat you just because you don’t act entitled.

20. Know how to act around beneficial people

When a beta man connects with a beneficial person, he knows how to treat them. Whether it’s for his personal or professional benefit… he keeps a civil bond with them and tries to be as respectful to them as possible.

So, if you meet an influential person, don’t flatter them. Flattery won’t take you far but good manners will. If they ever seek your help, prioritize them.

21. Be modest and avoid hurting others

If you achieved a lot in life, don’t boast about that. Of course, if everyone around you does that, you might also feel like joining in. But one or more people around you probably suffer silently because of their poor luck.

So, to save their face and avoid hurting others, don’t spill all the stories of your victory. This will help them feel supported and accepted.

22. Don’t play mind games in love

When a beta male falls in love, he doesn’t play hot and cold to make the other person understand his worth. So, brush off all the thoughts of playing hard-to-get.

Instead, be dedicated to your crush. Show them what you truly feel and how far you can go for them in actions. Let them understand that you genuinely care about them.

23. Embrace good listening skills

Another great skill of beta men is their outstanding listening skills. So, to embrace this personality, learn to pay attention to others. Avoid fidgeting with your devices when they talk. Turn away all screens and focus on them.

Listen to understand first and not answer back. Don’t tease them if they break down. Instead, allow them to lean on your shoulders. If you want to advise them, do it only once they’ve calmed down.

24. Before you say “No”, think

Since the beta man wants to be the proverbial nice guy, he’s a “Yes-man”. Don’t go to such extremes to be a beta male.

But before you refuse someone, truly consider. If you help them, will it truly put you on the spot? Or, do you just not want to help at all?

Think harder to know what you want!

25. Learn the weaknesses of a beta male and avoid them

If you overdo any of the tips mentioned here, most can change into a flaw. So, first research more on beta male weaknesses. Learn about his flaws and what can trigger that.

Once you’re aware of the weaknesses, identify which tip might lead to those. Mindfully avoid going overboard for those and you’re good to go!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Before you hurry to begin, remember that good things take time, awareness, and caution. You definitely need the patience to embrace the traits and change your personality. But you must also be aware of the flaws of the beta male. Don’t overdo anything and you’re all set!

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