How To Be Delta Male?

Stay away from the daily bustle

A delta male is shy and introverted and he always likes to spend his time in solitude.

Think more than you express

Take your time to think before you speak. Don’t talk less or hide your opinions, but take a moment to truly listen to others.

Say NO to oversharing

If you’re extroverted, you probably can’t keep any thoughts inside. Never share anything that can be used against you.

If you don’t want, don’t lead

Suppose you’re selected as a team leader in academics or professional life but you’re not excited to do that. You have some personal issues going on, and you can’t devote yourself completely to your duties as a leader

 Be a diehard romantic for your girl

Delta males are known to be hopeless romantics but that course isn't always healthy. However, you can be a diehard romantic to be in a comparable position.

Let your girl take charge, only if she likes!

If your partner wants to take charge in the relationship or wants to boss you around once in a while, let her.

To make your revenge juicier, don’t let your offender know that you’re planning one. Let them think you’re okay with everything.

If you want revenge, serve it cold!

If you’re a nerd, don’t be ashamed

Being a geek, you love to spend time reading science fiction, understanding technology. However, if you suppress your desires and indulge more in non-geeky activities, stop!

Changing your personality type or embracing new traits isn't easy. So, don't expect results too fast, and keep practicing regularly. It won’t be an easy path, so focus and don’t be discouraged by the minute troubles.