How to Communicate with a Beta Male

Don’t wait for him and initiate contact

Unlike the alpha male, a beta man isn’t outgoing. Beta males prefer to stay quiet due to their introversion. Even if you are good friends, he may not express his worries to you easily.

Never stop asking about him

Even if you are best of friends or especially if you’re dating a beta male, it’s important to ask him questions about him. Otherwise, he’ll think it’s too big of a burden and hide away his scars.

Invite him if you want to get close

If you want to know him better as a friend or lover and get close to him, ask him out. He’s pretty shy and calm, so he won’t ask to hang out with you.

Initiate texting and be patient

If you are in a long-distance relationship or friendship, remember to text or call first. Don’t wait for him to call you first. He won’t because he doesn’t want to impose on you.

Avoid forcing him to change

As you spend time with him, you’ll notice a few questionable beta male behavior. You might want him to change for the better, but never rush him for anything.

Once the beta male opens up to you, you’ll know he has excellent communication skills. He’ll clearly express his thoughts to you and leave no space for misunderstandings. It won't be hard to connect with him after he accepts you as someone close. So, put in the effort and show him that his thoughts matter!