Are you concerned about how to communicate with a beta male? Well, is he a friend, family member, lover, or co-worker?

First, figure out your connection with him because that matters a lot while communicating. After all, you don’t want to violate boundaries while trying to be nice to him.

And this think-piece will help you create a detailed plan to connect with him.

So, dig right in!

How to Communicate with a Beta Male?

Due to the beta male behavior, he is shy and doesn’t like to share a lot about himself. Unless you try to communicate with him, you’ll never start talking… leave alone getting close to him.

So, let’s make him open up here…

1. Don’t wait for him and initiate contact

Unlike the alpha male, a beta man isn’t outgoing. Beta males prefer to stay quiet due to their introversion. Even if you are good friends, he may not express his worries to you easily.

Instead, he wants to keep up with the charade of being a nice guy. He’ll take extra care that you don’t feel concerned about his life and stay happy.

So, don’t wait for him to express himself or initiate contact. His shy nature won’t allow him to do so. It’s not that beta men never initiate conversations, but it’s mostly the case.

Rather, break the ice by yourself and he’ll definitely warm up to you. Since he is friendly, he won’t turn down a good conversation.

2. Never stop asking about him

Usually, the characteristics of a beta male make him open and honest to everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that he’ll be transparent about everything.

Even if you are best of friends or especially if you’re dating a beta male, it’s important to ask him questions about him. Otherwise, he’ll think it’s too big of a burden and hide away his scars.

While you’re at it, learn what hurts him. And only through such conversations can you define his boundaries properly.

Otherwise, he’ll not even prevent you from violating his boundaries. He won’t even budge if you disrespect him and take the pain silently.

But if you know him personally, you can’t even imagine hurting him. So, be curious about him and his likes and dislikes.

3. Invite him if you want to get close

If you want to know him better as a friend or lover and get close to him, ask him out. He’s pretty shy and calm, so he won’t ask to hang out with you. Especially if you have a crush on him, make the first move.

Just keep in mind that he is pretty shy and introverted, so don’t invite him to a bustling party amidst new faces. Otherwise, it’ll suck all energy out of him.

However, if you’re worried about whether he’ll like your chosen place or not, ask him directly! Don’t try to guess whether he wants to join in or not. Otherwise, he might avoid going out with you altogether.

4. Initiate texting and be patient

If you are in a long-distance relationship or friendship, remember to text or call first. Don’t wait for him to call you first. He won’t because he doesn’t want to impose on you.

Never try to test whether he misses you or not. Otherwise, you’ll only feel low because he only wants to let you enjoy yourself on your own. So, don’t feel shy to send him the first text.

He also doesn’t want to offend you in any way. So, his texts will always take more time.

He’ll often overthink before hitting “send”. This is great, especially for professional areas, so let it be if you’re only coworkers.

However, if you know him personally, text him that you don’t mind typos and that he can text you freely.

5. Avoid forcing him to change

As you spend time with him, you’ll notice a few questionable beta male behavior. You might want him to change for the better, but never rush him for anything.

Remember that if you force him to do something, he’ll feel you look down on him. He’ll perceive your concerns as a sign of mockery and push you away further. Be clear that you don’t mean harm and don’t mention this topic more than once.  

On the other hand, if you are dating him, never push him to change himself. Otherwise, he’ll gradually give up on the relationship. Instead, support him in his strengths.

Remind him how great he is and that you believe in him. Once you show him that you have faith in him, mention the issue at hand like so:

“I love you for being so supportive towards me. But do you know what can make you even better? Well, when you try to make small decisions by yourself, you become truly amazing!”

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Once the beta male opens up to you, you’ll know he has excellent communication skills. He’ll clearly express his thoughts to you and leave no space for misunderstandings.

It won’t be hard to connect with him after he accepts you as someone close. So, put in the effort and show him that his thoughts matter!

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