How to Deal with a Beta Male?

If he’s conflict-avoidant, approach him with a clear mind

One of the most typical beta males behavior is conflict avoidance. Whenever a fight might break out, the beta male will avoid it anyhow.

Respect his choices

He chose to be transparent about his emotions, avoid socializing, and follow instead of leading. So, just respect that and don’t say anything at all!

Support him to take small independent steps

One of the worrisome characteristics of a beta man is that he can’t decide for himself or others. It’s not just because he is laid back. Rather, he always feels anxious about making the wrong choices.

Don’t let anyone take advantage of him

The beta man gladly helps anyone around him. However, he never preys on others' business to avoid overstepping boundaries. So, in the end, he helps everyone without knowing their circumstances.

Help him say “No”

He is way too obsessed with being the proverbial nice guy. So, he can't ever refuse others' requests. Even if the request might hurt him eventually, he doesn't focus on that.

Don’t push him if he refuses you

Now, you may not always be the bystander in the above situation. Someday, you might genuinely need help from him. However, if he helps you, he’ll compromise his own comfort and responsibilities for you.

Communicate to help him get over opinions

He lets his entire life get controlled by society's opinions. For instance, before most of his actions and decisions, he thinks about how people around him would respond.

Remember, you’ll need time to embrace all the steps. So, don’t expect a magical transformation in your connection. Even the beta guy needs time to notice your efforts to help or accept him. So, be patient throughout this journey and have faith in yourself. You’ll make it work in no time!