How to Deal With a Gamma Male?

Accept his feminine side

So, if you don’t want to be his enemy or even more… a stranger!… let him do what he likes.

Don’t judge him by his looks

If you meet a gamma male acquaintance and you hardly know him, don’t jump to conclusions based on his looks!

Appreciate his romantic side but be clear about your needs

If he can’t satisfy your needs, be honest, kind and don’t hurt him.

If he judges you for your needs, walk away

Even if he courts you with more gifts but doesn’t try to work on what you need, don’t invest time in him.

Clear the false narrative with open communication

Gamma male secretly feel that they are the king of the hierarchy & it might obstruct self-improvement steps, so be honest about the reality.

Whenever he makes excuses to deny reality, confront him

When a girl refuses him, he acts like he didn’t have a crush on her. So, remind him that this only gets him unnecessary enemies. 

Share a few self-help tips or books on flirting

He has feminine qualities, but he might be unaware of relationship. So, refer to a self-help book for him to explain how relationships work.

If he’s too clingy in the relationship, carefully explain 

Don’t forget to explain that you need time away to be happy. If the relationship stops you, you won’t feel the same eventually.

Be alert if anyone else tries to manipulate him 

If you ever notice anyone else acting manipulative, stand up for  your gamma acquaintance.

Seek a mental health therapist ASAP

He has a lot of issues like jealousy, conflict avoidance, etc. If you’re close to him, suggest getting a checkup. Offer to go along to support him. 

Before you begin the journey, remember that you can’t change your attitude toward him overnight. And even if you successfully do that, he might not notice your efforts. So, ultimately, patience is the key. Control impulsive reactions, be kind and communicative and things will work out!