How to Identify a Beta Male?

 Do you dislike the idea of leading? Does it make you uncomfortable or anxious?

Do you feel more comfortable obeying the leader than taking charge? Are you an extremely cooperative team player?

If anyone seeks your help, do you support them in any way possible?

Can you go to any length to maintain peace… even if that means avoiding conflicts?

Do people around you feel frustrated because of your conflict avoidance?

When something doesn’t go your way, do you not try to fight for it? Do you have no grudge for that at all?

Do you like to stick to your comfort zone and avoid competing for better scores or designation?

If you're a beta male, remember this is not the end of the quest. Learn about your flaws, your actions, and your behaviors in personal and professional areas. Find ways to enhance your personality for the better and lead a better life. If someone around you is a beta male, learn about his strengths and weaknesses. Figure out ways to deal with him. If you like him romantically, find out how your relationship will work out.