So, you can’t wait to know how to identify a beta male? Perhaps, this thought came the moment your bro called you a beta? Or, do you feel there’s a beta male around you?

Well, the beta male personality is one of the top ones, yet there’s still no official test for your answer. But don’t worry because this think-piece will help you reach the perfect answer in no time.

C’mon, let’s get started!

How to identify a beta male?

Beta men are often assumed to be the opposite of alpha men. But that’s a pretty poor way to identify true beta males. In reality, they are powerful yet too shy to reveal their true potential.

But it’ll take ages to figure things out this way. Instead, take this test yourself if you suspect yourself as a beta male. If it’s someone else, let them take it by themselves.

So, shoot your answers!

1. Do you dislike the idea of leading? Does it make you uncomfortable or anxious? Is it because you fear making mistakes and disappointing others?

2. Do you feel more comfortable obeying the leader than taking charge? Are you an extremely cooperative team player? Is it because you understand the troubles of a leader and respect them?

3. If anyone seeks your help, do you support them in any way possible? Do you not judge the one seeking help based on their experience, background, or other relevant details?

4. Since you’re always eager to help, do you often get taken advantage of? Do you never try to find out if the other person needs help at all or is an opportunist? Do you find the truth only when it’s too late?

5. Can you go to any length to maintain peace… even if that means avoiding conflicts? Do you often cut off contact or walk out in between a conversation to avoid facing a fight?

6. Do people around you feel frustrated because of your conflict avoidance? But do you still feel that you did the right thing because nobody got hurt? Do you feel like a nice guy because you saved others from painful fights?

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7. When something doesn’t go your way, do you not try to fight for it? Do you have no grudge for that at all? Do you never try to take it out on the other person with passive aggression?

8. When you avoid conflicts, do you think hard about a solution by yourself? Do you suggest it only when it is beneficial for both sides? If there’s no solution, do you let go of the issue completely?

9. If someone explains all the tasks you must undertake in detail, are you ready to take charge of that? Once you’re assigned certain tasks, do you stick to them until the end? Do you avoid inconveniencing others by seeking their help?

10. Do you like to stick to your comfort zone and avoid competing for better scores or designation? Do people often look down on you for being this way? Do they think you don’t have the skills or ask you to try harder?

11. Are you secretly pretty skilled but don’t want to show it? Is it so that you can enjoy being in your comfort zone? Do you avoid competing because you don’t want others to expect more from you?

12. When your loved ones open their feelings to you, do you keep their secrets until the end of time? Do you believe that everyone has flaws and accept everyone with open arms?

13. Does everyone around you trust you for being accepting? Do they often share their vulnerabilities with you and seek support from you? Or, do they often vent their complaints to you?

14. Do people often assume that you are envious of sigma or alpha male? Do they pity you because you are so close to the top yet not the best of all? Do they often share consoling words to make you feel better?

15. In reality, are you not insecure at all? Are you aware of your flaws and accept yourself as you are? Do you not despise or pity yourself despite knowing about your weakness?

16. Do you never judge people based on their age, gender, qualifications, or experience? Do you respect your juniors as much as your seniors? Does the difference in designation not matter to you?

17. Even if someone has shortcomings, do you never ask them to change? Is this behavior somewhat based on your poor experience? Do you respect everyone so they also treat you similarly?

18. Do you agree to everything people request or demand from you? Do you have difficulty refusing others? Is it because you wish to be nice to everyone even if they might hurt you somehow?

19. Before you refuse others’ requests and demands, do you think about it a lot? When you finally refuse them, do you feel guilty, hurt, and stress about the situation a lot?

20. When you have a solution to a conflict, do you never keep issues unresolved? Do you only use clear communication to work things out and avoid any kind of confusing or unclear statement?

21. When an issue is resolvable, do you avoid dragging it out for too long? Do you hurry to clear things and get rid of all the misunderstandings and maintain peace?

22. Are you introverted and dislike spending time with people you’re not close to? During the weekends, would you rather spend more time on your own or with loved ones instead?

23. When none of your close ones can spend time with you, do you not feel low about it? Instead, do you focus on learning new skills or improving the old ones? Do you never waste your time by doing nothing?

24. Do you also spend time away from socializing to recharge? Does it help you maintain a balance in your personal, professional, and social life and protect you from getting burnt out?

25. Though you are not comfortable with socializing, do you join in whenever it is mandatory? However, do you try to blend in with the crowd and not stand out?

26. When you socialize with a group, do you avoid getting influenced the wrong way? Do you often try to think before you follow others’ lead and avoid crossing your limits like others?

27. In social situations, do you feel insecure and seem suspicious? For instance, do you avoid eye contact, try to talk less, and can’t even shake hands firmly?

28. Do you pledge your loyalty to the people that matter to you… like your loved ones and boss? Do you never go back on your words once you promise something? Do you never let your shortcomings disappoint others?

29. Do you let society and its demands rule over your life? Whenever you choose something for yourself, do you specifically prioritize society’s demands over yours?

30. Do you avoid the spotlight as much as you can? Are you confident and comfortable being a follower and don’t need any credit for that? If people ignore you, do you not mind that?

31. Suppose you put lots of effort into a task or project. But someone else stole your credit and nobody mentions you. Do you have no issue with giving up your credit? Do you only like to be proud of your skills and desire nothing else?

32. When you have a crush on someone, do you not confess your feelings directly? Rather, do you just treat them better than a good friend? Do you spend time with them more than usual and pay more attention to them?

33. Despite treating your crush so well, do they often friend zone you? Can they not even guess that you have romantic feelings for them? Do they only assume that you are their best friend?

34. Even though you like to stay behind the scenes, do you sometimes feel hurt and neglected? Do you feel bitter when people only praise the alpha and do not care about you at all?

35. In romantic relationships, do you depend on your partner to make major decisions? Do you take relationship milestones only when your partner feels like it? Or, do you expect them to initiate these topics?

36. If you have ever dated an independent partner, did they feel burdened by your choices? Was the relationship short lived because neither of you felt fulfilled?

37. Do you not mind if your partner earns more than you? Do you stay miles away from toxic masculinity and never compete with your partner? Do you not fear society’s opinions when your partner wears the pants in the relationship?

38. Rather, do you push your partner to reach their goals and support them in every possible way? Are you ready to take on more household chores so they can focus on their work and succeed?

39. Do you always try to avoid taking big risks? Is it because you are scared of the outcome and don’t know how to deal with it? Do you prefer to follow your predecessors’ choices? 

40. Even though society judges men for being emotional, do you never pay attention to them? Instead, do you always express your vulnerabilities whenever you feel low?

41. Do you also encourage others to be more expressive and not fear shedding tears? If someone cries in front of you, do you give them privacy to let it all out without feeling judged?

42. At school and/or work, do you intentionally perform poorly so nobody refers to you as the class monitor or team leader? Do you hide your skills forcefully to avoid being a leader at all costs?

43. When you fail in a task, do you wait for others to help you out? Or, do you take a lot of time so people notice the issue and take over?

44. Do you look approachable? Does everyone around you easily open up to you compared to the alphas? Are you not muscular and physically weak? Do you have a poor diet, skip exercise, and have addictions?

45. Do you never demand others to respect or help you because you don’t feel entitled to anything? Even if people don’t treat you well, do you not ask them to stop?

46. When you come across a person that can benefit you, do you always prioritize them over yourself? Do you make sure to maintain a healthy connection so you can approach them later?

47. Do you lack discipline in life? Are you a beta male because you don’t try hard enough and not because you like it?

48. Are you so modest that you never mention your achievements to others? Do you worry about hurting the strugglers with your wins and making them feel insecure?  Do some people assume that you have nothing to share because of it?

49. In relationships, do you not believe in playing mind games like push-and-pull, hot-and-cold, or hard-to-get? In love, do you only believe in courting your partner like a gentleman?

50. Do you consider yourself a good listener? Even when you are busy, do you always lend an ear to people in need? Do you prioritize people’s issues over work?

If you answered “Yes” to more than 25 questions

You are a beta male!

You are a relationship-oriented man but often get friend-zoned. You encourage your partner to chase their dreams and depend on them for major decisions.

You like to follow others’ lead like beta guys and feel comfortable being the follower. You are calm, patient, a great listener, and care for others. You always prioritize others and can’t refuse people’s demands despite how inconvenient it is.

Similar to the characteristics of a beta male, you avoid conflict, and risks, and own your emotions. People often judge you for your choices and actions, but you don’t let them get to you.

If you answered “No” to more than 25 questions

You are hardly any beta male traits in you, so you’re not a beta male. Study more personality types to find out your true personality!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a beta male, remember this is not the end of the quest. Learn about your flaws, your actions, and your behaviors in personal and professional areas. Find ways to enhance your personality for the better and lead a better life.

If someone around you is a beta male, learn about his strengths and weaknesses. Figure out ways to deal with him. If you like him romantically, find out how your relationship will work out.

But if you want to be a beta male, embrace the positive traits but don’t overdo anything. You’ll be a great beta male if you balance the traits mindfully!

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