How to Identify a Gamma Female?

The most typical personality trait of gamma women is their stubborn confidence. They might not be like a sigma female but they have crazy good faith in themselves. They also have great boundaries and don’t let anyone take advantage of them. If that rings a bell, this quiz is worth the shot!

1. Do people compare you with social media beauty standards? When people look down on you, do you still feel confident?

2. Are you aware that you’re nothing like sigma females and alpha females and yet have faith in yourself?

3. Do you always push away the negative thoughts and people from your life? Even if you feel negative do you try to fight the emotions?

4. Do you know what you want from life? Do you have a clear vision of your goals? Do you never delay setting goals for yourself?

5. Do you have a good plan to reach your goals? Do you think about ways to reach your goals down to every detail?

6. Do you create goals for your professional, academic, and personal life? Do you also plan your relaxation time?

7. Are you usually extremely organized and never do anything spontaneously? Do you do nothing in the spur of the moment?

8. When your plans don’t work out, do you often become frustrated and anxious? Do you feel excessively depressed even about your minor failures?