How to Identify a Gamma Male?

Are you pretty intelligent in your field? Do people around you call you a genius for being the best in your job? Or, do your classmates or professors have high hopes for your future?

Do you think you're only talented in nerdy subjects? Are you not much of a genius in artistic or creative things? Do you often feel depressed and dejected because you’re not an all-rounder?

Do you consider yourself empathetic? Do you understand others’ feelings even if they don’t express them well? Do you even feel their pain as if it’s yours?

Do you believe that you are secretly the king of the socio-sexual hierarchy? Do you think you’re the hidden alpha male and the personality system is flawed?

Do you feel that you are entitled to romantic and sexual attention from women because you treat them better? Are most women interested in being friends with you but won’t get serious?

Do you believe that real-life romance is similar to those in fairy tales? Do you think that true love has nothing to do with superficial things like looks, authority, and money?

When it’s about serious areas like your job and school, do you believe in following the leader? Do you secretly like to be a follower and not a leader?

Do you feel extremely hurt by rejections & criticisms? When someone harbors negative feelings about you, can you perceive it & feel bad?

Do you help your crush during the worst phases or surprise them with sweet gifts and expect her to like you back?

Do you have an irrational fear of failure? Do you hesitate to take risky chances? Do you fear losing after taking the wrong risk?

If you’re a gamma male, knowing your personality type isn’t the end. So, find out more about yourself, like the pros and cons and how you behave in different areas of your life. Or how you can improve your life. If you find your acquaintance is a gamma male, learn about their strong and weak suits. Figure out ways to deal with them perfectly.