So, you can’t wait to find out how to identify a gamma male? Did someone call you a gamma man? Or, do you believe you’re surrounded by a bunch of gamma men?

Well, there’s no official personality test to find your answer. So how will you find out? This think-piece contains a quiz based on all the traits and characteristics of the gamma male personality that will help you identify!

So, let’s seek the truth!

How to Identify a Gamma Male?

The gamma male is a kind, empathetic, and self-aware man. He’s simply the nicest in the group. He’s also intelligent in his own field. But he often believes he’s the most deserving of all and lies to himself to feel better about himself.

So, if you believe you or someone else is a gamma male, take this quiz to find out!

1. Are you pretty intelligent in your field? Do people around you call you a genius for being the best in your job? Or, do your classmates or professors have high hopes for your future?

2. Do you perform well only in 2 or 3 subjects and not in all subjects or fields? Did anyone ever hype you to try more than you can handle? Did they ever express their disappointment in you because of your limited expertise?

3. Do you think you are only talented in nerdy subjects? Are you not that much of a genius in artistic or creative things? Do you often feel depressed and dejected because you’re not an all-rounder?

4. Do you consider yourself empathetic? Do you understand others’ feelings even if they don’t express them well? Do you even feel their pain as if it’s yours?

5. Due to your empathy, do you often feel sorry for people in trouble? Do you try to help everyone around you with all you have? Do you always try to make others feel better?

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6. Are you the nice (or maybe the nicest) guy in your group? Are you way more helpful and kind to others than any other man you’ve known?

7. Do you feel that you are entitled to romantic and sexual attention from women because you treat them better? Are most women interested in being friends with you but won’t get serious with you?

8. Do you believe that women get attracted to men that don’t treat them well? Do you believe that they don’t know how to look out for themselves or can’t choose the best?

9. Do people (or women) never perceive you as handsome or attractive? Do they often turn you down and pass remarks about your body?

10. Are you out of shape?  Are you so dedicated to studies and nerdy interests that you don’t have time to focus on your body? Or, do you believe a kind heart and an intelligent brain are more important than a fit body?

11. Do your romantic interests make fun of your body? Do you feel judged because of your body? Do women assume you’re lazy? Do they refuse you because they doubt your attention to a prospective relationship?

12. Do your friends often call you a mama’s boy because of your appearance? Did anyone ever ask you to get a makeover or a different haircut?

13. Do you believe that real-life romance is similar to those in fairy tales? Do you think that true love has nothing to do with superficial things like looks, authority, and money?

14. Do you believe that despite your shabby appearance you’ll find true love? Is it because you often approach women with grand gestures? Do you hope that that’ll do the trick?

15. Do you help your crush during the worst phases or surprise them with sweet gifts and expect her to like you back?

16. To make a girl like you, do you follow fairy tales and romantic novels and movies? Do you believe that attraction isn’t important in love?

17. Despite everything you do and how grand your gesture is, does your crush always reject you? Do they not feel the least bit attracted to you?

18. Do you believe that the women around you mistreat you? Or, do you feel the world is full of mean and superficial women?

19. Do you think that more loving actions will definitely get you a woman? Do you have an entitled attitude?  Do you believe that if you chase them hard enough, they’ll reciprocate your feelings?

20. Do you feel that they’re supposed to like you more than even alpha males, beta males, or sigma males? Is it because you respect women, show them pure affection, and also don’t objectify them?

21. Do you feel jealous of alpha, beta, and sigma men? Do you hate that women like them despite you putting in so much effort? Do you often wonder why no high-value woman wants you?

22. Do your friends and prospective partners judge you for hating conventionally attractive men? Do they often call you toxic or low-value?

23. Are you like an open book? Do you often share everything on your mind? Do you never try to keep your judgments and negative opinions to yourself?

24. Do you lack any kind of authority in your social or professional life? Do you not belong to high status either?

25. To woo women, do you usually showcase your high IQ? Do you feel that women must cherish you because you’re the best man because of your intellect?

26. Do you believe that you are secretly the king of the socio-hierarchy? Do you think you’re the hidden alpha male and the personality system is flawed?

27. Do you think that society is dumb and they fail to treat you like the true alpha male? Is it because you are the most intelligent man in the group?

28. Do you believe that your poor experiences help your moral growth? Because you’re rejected, do you think you’re a better man than others?

29. Do you believe that people with good dating experiences are flawed? Do you think they actually play mind games or cheat somehow to gain their romantic interest’s favor?

30. Do you avoid conflict by all means? Is it only because you hate dealing with conflicts head-on? Do you feel more comfortable showing your discontent with passive aggression?

31. Do you appear calm and collected in front of the object of your disgust? Do you like to attack people from their backs so you don’t face conflicts?

32. Do you have an irrational fear of failure? Do you hesitate to take risky chances? Do you fear losing after taking the wrong risk?

33. Due to your aversion to failure, do you often miss great opportunities in life?  Is your fear the same in your personal, academic, professional, and social life?

34. Do you often lie to yourself to console your broken heart?  Do you avoid anything that needs to be changed in yourself with lies? Do you not care even if you call others names to make yourself better?

35. When a girl rejects you, do you tell yourself that she’s a golddigger? When a man gets his girl easily, do you say he is a playboy? Do you feel his partner doesn’t truly like him?

36. Are you dissatisfied with everything in life? Do you make fake narratives to feel better? Can you do anything to forget your shame and feel confident?

37. Are you a bit feminine compared to other men? Do you show off your feminine side confidently? Do you believe that men don’t have to be rough and aggressive to be a man? Are you completely confident and content with your gender and sexuality?

38. Do you indulge in self-care with face masks at home or get different treatments at the parlor? Does society often judge your sexuality for your feminine personality traits?

39. When something makes you feel good, do you still do it even if society judges you? Do you follow your heart without any bother?

40. Though you have your own feminine side, do you fail to understand women in reality? Do you believe your affection is precious? Do you believe women must be head over heels for your affection?

41. If a woman doesn’t grow feelings for you even after expressing your love, do you believe her IQ is low? Do you have trouble understanding others’ emotions when they refuse you?

42. Do you also feel that since you treat a girl right, she must be ready to sleep with you? In your courting game, do you never flirt, don’t engage or connect with them? Do you also not try to create sexual tension? Yet you expect it to go that way?

43. Do you like adventures like exploring new places and trying out dangerous activities? Do you also like to be adventurous in all areas of your life? Do you avoid risky adventures as you might fail in them?

44. For adventure in life, do you often go against the grain? Do you try to avoid following what others ask you to do? Do you wish to build your life from scratch but without others’ help?

45. However, when it’s about serious areas like your job and school, do you believe in following the leader? Do you secretly like to be a follower and not a leader?

46. Do you like being a follower so you can avoid any major responsibility? Do you only want to do your job perfectly because you have faith in your skills? Do you want to avoid leadership because you might face conflicts then? Do you also dislike making decisions by yourself?

47. Are you aware of your actions? Do you never do anything by mistake? Unless you have beef with someone, do you never do anything that might hurt you?

48. If your partner isn’t as romantic or doesn’t want to spend a lot of time with you, do you become possessive? Do you feel offended if she has fun with her friends? Do you always want to spend more time than you already get with her?

49. Do you feel extremely hurt by rejections and criticisms? Do you feel elated by appreciation, validation, and acceptance? When someone harbors negative feelings about you, can you perceive it and feel bad?

50. Do you believe that you can’t ever be wrong and are perfect because of your high intelligence? Do you feel more self-confident this way? Does your confidence ever turn into ego or arrogance? Do you feel that those who oppose you are wrong? Do you believe that you deserve the best because you’re a good guy?

If you answered “Yes” to more than 25 questions

You have a gamma male personality type!

You’re kind and empathetic to everyone around you. But that’s also the reason behind your fall. You’re bad at attracting women and your nice guy syndrome is responsible for it. You’re the best out of all types of men in the socio-hierarchy. Do you believe that life is unfair toward you?

You’re prone to avoiding conflict and failure. You avoid leadership positions because you don’t want to be responsible for serious things. But you’re all about exploring life the fun way. You’re feminine and you own it.

You’re pretty easy to please and hurt. You’re a hopeless romantic and can get clingy in relationships. You console yourself with lies and delusions when life doesn’t go your way.

If you answered “No” to more than 25 questions

You’re not a gamma male, so keep taking more personality tests to find yours. Or, you can check out other pieces on different personality types and compare the traits with yourself.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a gamma male, knowing your personality type isn’t the end. So, find out more about yourself, like the pros and cons and how you behave in different areas of your life. Or how you can improve your life.

If you find your acquaintance is a gamma male, learn about their strong and weak suits. Figure out ways to deal with them perfectly. Be a bit more understanding and compassionate towards him. Instead of looking down on him, carefully explain how the world works. It’ll be easier to show him the reality then.

But if you’re not but still want to be a decent gamma male, try to accept the positive parts of gamma personality traits. Or, research more online for an easier path!

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