How to Identify a Sigma Male?

If you’re a sigma male, you’re pretty similar to an alpha male. The main difference is that you’re introverted, believe more in equality, and don’t dominate others. However, there are much deeper and more interesting traits of a sigma male personality. So, let’s get down to business here…

Do you feel rules hold you down and try to break free from them?

Do you like to stay away from people? Does socializing drain your energy? Do you dislike stepping out of your comfort zones?

Are you calm no matter what situation you’re in? When in trouble, do you focus on your surroundings and observe?

Is it true that you don’t care about others’ opinions and lead life at the beat of your own drum?

When you lead a team, do you like to lead by example instead of dominating them? Do you treat your team members as equals?

Do you have a strong intuition? Are you emotionally intelligent? Can you read others’ emotions well?

Do you like to take calculated risks and go on adventures? Do you like to break the social norm and do something different?

Do you avoid talking about your plans? Do you dislike talking big until you make your dreams come true?

Do you catch others’ attention even without trying?

Do you sometimes instigate your enemies to fight among themselves, sit back, and watch?

If you answered “yes”

You guessed it right, you’re a sigma male! 

If you answered “no”

You’re not a sigma male. But don’t assume & check out the traits of other socio-sexual personalities to find your answer.