Wondering how to identify a sigma male? Did you skim through the traits and feel you’re one?


There are no official personality tests like Myers & Briggs tests to find your answers. But here is a quiz just to help you reach your answers.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

How to Identify a Sigma Male?

If you’re a sigma male, you’re pretty similar to an alpha male. The main difference is that you’re introverted, believe more in equality, and don’t dominate others.

However, there are much deeper and more interesting traits of a sigma male personality. So, let’s get down to business here…

1. Do you avoid depending on others even if things worsen? Do you never expect others to help you?

2. Do you try to avoid committing to others? Do you avoid serious relationships or taking responsibility for your loved ones?

3. Do you like to stay away from people? Does socializing drain your energy? Do you dislike stepping out of your comfort zones?

4. Do people often assume that you’re isolated or being bullied? Do people approach you and talk to you to make you feel better?

5. Are you calm no matter what situation you’re in? When in trouble, do you focus on your surroundings and observe?

6. If you ever settle down, do you want your romantic partner to be responsible, independent, and self-assured?

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7. Are you always aware of what you need from life?

8. To reach your dreams, do you always chase them with everything you have?

9. Do you try to avoid dramatic people and situations? Do you keep your social circle small to avoid it?

10. Do you treat your loved ones pleasantly but strangers coldly?

11. Do you easily compromise in any social situation or change?

12. Do you avoid anything that makes you stand out from the crowd?

13. Is it true that you don’t care about others’ opinions and lead life at the beat of your own drum?

14. Do you completely ignore social media and trends? Do you define your style by yourself?

15. When you communicate with others, do you disregard the socio-hierarchy? Do you treat everyone respectfully and kindly whether it’s a big shot or a beggar?

16. Despite who you’re with or where you are, do you always act the same?

17. When you lead a team, do you like to lead by example instead of dominating them? Do you treat your team members as equals?

18. Are you a good listener? Do you avoid interrupting when others talk? Do you try to listen to their words and even what they mean from deep within?

19. Do you have a strong intuition? Are you emotionally intelligent? Can you read others’ emotions well?

20. Are you aware of your good and bad qualities? Do you try to improve yourself?

21. When someone finds a genuine fault with you, do you work on it instead of getting defensive?

22. When someone gets judged for their actions, do you try to avoid joining them? Do you sympathize with the person and try to understand them instead?

23. Do you think your social skills are a bit lacking? Do people get offended by you?

24. Do you rarely react emotionally during conversations? Do you listen more than respond to others?

25. Even if you have friends, do you avoid depending on them? Do you like to be happy with yourself and depend on only yourself?

26. Do you like to take calculated risks and go on adventures? Do you like to break the social norm and do something different?

27. When you take risks, do you prepare your heart to accept and deal with any consequences?

28. Do you never seek others’ validation or attention? Even if you get it, do you never feel addicted to it?

29. Do you succeed in almost any task you undertake?

30. Do you believe in staying humble even if you have power?

31. Does being on the edge fascinate you? Do you feel excited about challenges and thrills?

32. Do you avoid talking about your plans? Do you dislike talking big until you make your dreams come true?

33. Do you never try to be friends with people you don’t actually feel a connection with?

34. Do you dislike clingy people because you need your space?

35. Do you learn from your mistakes instead of denying or overthinking them?

36. Do you often observe your surroundings, plan a lot in your mind, and avoid jumping in anything too fast?

37. Are you confident about yourself? Do you know your worth?

38. Do people often mistake you for an alpha male?

39. Do you catch others’ attention even without trying?

40. When you want to go somewhere, do you avoid calling your friends and just take your time for yourself?

41. When you think something isn’t illegal, unethical, immoral, or wrong yet people stop you from doing it, do you want to do it more?

42. Do you compromise with others only when you have certain gains from it?

43. Do you sometimes instigate your enemies to fight among themselves, sit back, and watch?

44. Even if you’re comfortable with your group of friends, do you avoid being labeled as a group member?

45. Do you feel more comfortable when you blend in with the crowd?

46. Do you feel rules hold you down and try to break free from them?

47. Do you dislike social expectations? Do you hate it when others want you to be a certain way?

48. Are you knowledgeable almost about everything?

49. Do you still attract a lot of women even when you blend in with the crowd?

50. Do you feel that you have nothing to prove to others?

If you answered “yes” to more than half the questions

You guessed it right, you’re a sigma male! You’re introverted, enjoy your own company, and don’t like to belong to a particular place. You’re a rebel and like to take risks. You dislike being held down by rules or relationships. You’re an intuitive and intelligent person.

If you answered “no” to more than half the questions

You’re not a sigma male. But don’t assume that you’re an alpha or beta male either. Instead, check out the traits of other socio-hierarchy personalities to find your answer.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a sigma male, it’s time to know about your traits better and the pros and cons of being one. Don’t just stop after knowing your personality type. Instead, try to improve your flaws and become a better person.

If you’re not a sigma male, don’t be disheartened. You can take other quizzes and find your true personality!

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