How To Identify An Omega Female

If you are an omega female personality type, you’ll feel like you don’t belong anywhere. You hate how nobody understands you. However, you never question yourself. Rather you’ll be extremely confident in yourself. So, if you think you’re an omega female, shoot your answers here…

1. Do you like to spend time reading books, playing video games, watching movies, or doing other solo activities?

2. Are you appreciated and praised in your professional life for your creativity and intelligence? Can you always find solutions for the most stubborn problems?

3. When people bring up a shallow topic, do you usually give away your disinterest? Do you look bored, zone out of the conversation, or leave the room?

4. Do you often get in fights at home for your disorganized nature? Does your deskmate at work also get annoyed by you?

5. Are you usually shy yet talk openly when you partake in deep discussions? Do you feel you have a better idea about something after a deep talk?

6. Do you dream of having romance similar to classical literature and romance novels? Do you want your partner to seek you and not the other way around?

7. Are you old school about love? Do you believe that love is all about the heart? Will you never settle for a casual bond to meet your urges?

8. Does everyone seek you whenever they face dead ends? Do you inspire your coworkers? Are you almost as intelligent as an alpha woman?