So, you are curious about how to identify an omega female? Perhaps, you read about Vox Day’s socio-hierarchy? Do you think you or a loved one is an omega female?

Well, you’ve reached the perfect place. Though there’s no official personality test for this, this think-piece has all the relevant questions compiled to reach the answer.

C’mon, let’s get down to the fun part!

How to Identify an Omega Female?

If you are an omega female personality type, you’ll feel like you don’t belong anywhere. You hate how nobody understands you. However, you never question yourself. Rather you’ll be extremely confident in yourself.

So, if you think you’re an omega female, shoot your answers here…

1. Do you believe you’re introverted? Do you feel uncomfortable spending time with unknown people? Do you feel better if you’re around your close friends? Are you known to be reserved and shy in your professional life?

2. If your loved ones want to socialize but you don’t, do you not mind at all? Do you spend your time on your own during that? Do you encourage them to enjoy themselves instead?

3. Do you like to spend time reading books, playing video games, watching movies, or doing other solo activities?

4. Do you only have 2-3 friends? Do people often assume you’re a loner? Do you prefer to have quality friends and not stress about quantity? Is the quality of your friends so good that you can’t even think about getting more friends?

5. Do you support your friends in whichever way you want? Do they always reciprocate your actions? Do you always advise each other practically? Do you never leave each other’s side during hard times?

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6. Are you appreciated and praised in your professional life for your creativity and intelligence? Can you always find solutions for the most stubborn problems?

7. Do you try to overachieve if you feel excited about your work? Is your definition of interesting work include something intellectually stimulating? Unlike others, do you like it when a task is hard to figure out or complete?

8. If your job isn’t stimulating, do you lose the drive to overachieve? Do you even struggle to complete your targets? To make up for the stimulation, do you choose challenging activities and hobbies?

9. When people seek your advice, do you put yourself in their shoes? Do you try to understand their standpoint to understand the situation well? Does everyone depend on you because of your flawless ideas?

10. Before you suggest any piece of advice, do you always try to understand the other person’s emotions? Do you avoid saying anything that might hurt them or lead to a breakdown?

11. Do you usually spend your time thinking about deep topics? Does it often change into overthinking? While overthinking, do you often fail to suppress your emotions? Do you feel anxious, break down, or emotionally burst suddenly?

12. Are you usually calm and collected? Do you not care about others’ thoughts and opinions? But do those comments stay at the back of your mind? When you’re idle do those bother you a lot?

13. Do people judge you for being different than others? Do you often wonder why they can’t just be happy for you? Do you hate that people always meddle with your affairs?

14. Do you hate small talk and shallow conversations? Do you not keep up with trends at all? Do you feel it’s pointless to follow things that don’t even stay around for 3 months?

15. When people bring up a shallow topic, do you usually give away your disinterest? Do you look bored, zone out of the conversation, or leave the room?

16. Do people often call you arrogant or snobby for not partaking in small talk? Do you never care about their thoughts and focus on your interests?

17. Do you avoid making friends that are interested in shallow topics? Yet, do you meet a lot of them? Do people feel turned off by you for disliking small talk?

18. Were you never able to feel included or accepted in any group? Did you always feel like an outsider in any group you joined?

19. Did you feel hurt that nobody had similar interests to yours? Did you always wonder why people do things to fit in and feel accepted even when they are not interested in something?

20. Do you no longer desire to be a part of a group? Much like the sigma female, do you want to be away from any social group or hierarchy? Do you only want to be yourself and follow your heart?

21. Do you not care about having omega female personality traits at all? Do you also hate it because it’s at the bottom of the hierarchy and some people look down on it?

22. Is your space at home and work often cluttered? While you’re busy achieving your dreams, do you forget to take care of your surroundings? Do you feel comfortable being in a cluttered space?

23. Do you forget to keep things back in their place? Do you often keep the cartons of objects and forget to get rid of them? Despite the mess, do you still know where you keep your stuff?

24. Do you often get in fights at home for your disorganized nature? Does your deskmate at work also get annoyed by you?

25. Does your messy nature also impact your appearance? Do you pay the least attention to your looks and outfits?

26. Deep inside are you still childish? Do you jump on puddles, play in the rain, play pillow fights and tag, or make blanket forts?

27. Did you never follow rules that restricted you from being childish? Have you ever faced troubles due to that? Do you still choose to be an unladylike child?

28. Do you always show your friends how to enjoy their life? Do they often hesitate initially and then follow your lead to have fun?

29. Do you believe you’re an empath? Do you feel others’ emotions as if they are yours? Does this happen even without you consciously trying anything?

30. Since you’re sensitive to others’ emotions, do you struggle in big groups? Are you close to losing your patience and sanity in groups?

31. Due to your empathy, can you support others during their worst times suitably? Do you know exactly how to calm them down?

32. Being an empath, do you often ignore your own emotions and feel others’ emotions more intensely? Do you feel overwhelmed by others’ thoughts and worries?

33. Are you a fan of deep conversations? Do you like to talk about real-life issues, politics, the universe, life, and love?

34. Are you usually shy yet talk openly when you partake in deep discussions? Do you feel you have a better idea about something after a deep talk?

35. During a debate, do you not mind being proved wrong? Is your main aim of sharing knowledge and expanding your horizons?

36. Do you know yourself the best? Do you mostly take aware actions? Even if you slip up and make mistakes, do you try to make up for that mistake ASAP?

37. Are you confident about your boundaries? If anyone forcibly tries to violate your boundaries, do you confidently refuse them?

38. Are you never insecure about yourself even if others say something about you or your feminity?

39. When you feel overwhelmed by real life, do you often enter a fantasy world full of video games, science fiction, and movies?

40. When you solve problems or analyze issues, do you zone out? Do people often assume that you’re fantasizing? Do they almost always break your train of thought?

41. Do you dream of having romance similar to classical literature and romance novels? Do you want your partner to seek you and not the other way around?

42. Do you want your partner to love, respect, and care for you and be loyal? Will you be satisfied with a partner if they have these qualities but isn’t rich?

43. Do you have a romance bucket list and want to kiss under the mistletoe or on top of the Ferris wheel? Do you want to slow dance in the rain?

44. Do you want your partner to listen to your intellectual rambles? Are you fine even if they don’t partake in it?

45. Would you never compromise your needs in a partner? Will you either settle for a romantic partner or stay single for life?

46. Do you feel a person that can’t complete your basic demands doesn’t deserve you? Do you know your worth? Do you want a meaningful bond and don’t care about sexual urges?

47. Are you old school about love? Do you believe that love is all about the heart? Will you never settle for a casual bond to meet your urges?

48. Do you often hear that you have high standards or you’ll be single forever? Did you ever get comments like you’re not that pretty for high standards?

49. Does everyone seek you whenever they face dead ends? Do you inspire your coworkers? Are you almost as intelligent as an alpha woman?

50. Can you keep talking for hours about topics you feel passionately about?

If you answered “Yes” to more than 25 questions

That’s the right guess, girl! You have an Omega personality.

You’re an introvert. You enjoy spending time by yourself or your friends. You’re intelligent and try to overachieve so long as the task is intriguing. You like deep convos over shallow ones. You’re an empath, so you can advise others perfectly. However, you feel pretty overwhelmed from time to time.

You don’t desire to fit in anywhere socially. You also make a lot of mess like a kid… which you still are within. You’re a diehard romantic and believe in waiting for “The One”

If you answered “No” to more than 25 questions

Well, you’re not an omega female. You must take other personality quizzes to find yours!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re an omega female, don’t think that your quest is over. Now head over to know about your strengths and weaknesses. Learn how you behave in your personal and professional life. Lastly, learn to be a better omega female.

But if you’re not one, you can still take other quizzes to find your answer. On the other hand, if you desire to be an omega female, that’s also possible. So, don’t be disheartened, and keep planning for more!

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