Best INFJ Career Matches

Counselor INFJs have the ability to deeply understand people and situations. They are sensitive and empathic.

Human resource manager People with INFJ preferences are thoughtful and insightful. Thus, they will scan through people’s minds clearly.

Environmentalist As environmentalists, they will have diverse responsibilities to delegate for the overall benefit of all humans and living beings on this planet.

Social worker INFJs love to bring positive changes in others’ lives because they feel good whenever they get a chance to help others in need.

Librarian INFJs prefer autonomy and prefer to remain as individual contributors in a large way.

Writer INFJs can speak their minds through words that can benefit everyone in society.

Doctor INFJs can become efficient doctors because of their service-oriented nature. They are kind, caring, and dutiful.

People with INFJ will thrive heartily in job roles that are warm, considerate, and cordial.