INFJ Careers is based on its vision and values. These individuals are smart, talented, and ambitious. They have the ability to connect their big ideas to people and resources. INFJs choose careers that are related to helping people in some form or the other.

Their preferred career opportunities include teaching, counseling, and mentoring others. They often excel in jobs that are routine and need to be done in the same way every day. Many INFJs would do well in 9 to 5 desk jobs. These individuals are highly organized and prefer to be in a career role that allows prior preparation for doing something. 

INFJs do well as writers, mediators, and special education teachers. People with INFJ preferences will align their jobs with their values. Their daily job should give them a sense of purpose and meaning in life, otherwise, they may lose interest in the job too soon.

In this article, we will talk about the best-suited career options for intuitive introverts and see how they deal with their jobs on a day-to-day basis.

INFJ Careers

INFJs long to be in a career role that allows them to stay tuned with their internal value system. These individuals want a purpose to be fulfilled through a job. Money doesn’t interest them unless the work they’re doing serves a sense of deeper purpose in life. 

The good news is INFJs can actually do any kind of job that allows serving others. They feel satisfied if they can work for a humanitarian cause. 

In the initial days of career development, INFs may find it hard to settle in a particular career because their deep sense of purpose is not yet met. However, when the job role entails the kind of work close to their mindset, they outshine others in that particular role quite easily.

Advocates are good at jobs that require a human connection. They do well in the service industry as it means serving others in positive ways. Many INFJs become sales executives, receptionists, counselors, teachers, elementary school caregivers, and even renowned doctors.

INFJs are intelligent, smart, and insightful. Bestowed with qualities like empathy and compassion, these individuals prefer to build deeper human connections. Thus, any kind of service industry job is a great fit for an INFJ personality type.

Careers in the healthcare industry such as doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, nutritionists, and occupational therapists are wonderful choices for an INFJ type. Their deep understanding of human emotions, pains, and sufferings can help them excel in the healthcare sector.

INFJs are good at communication. Although quiet and reserved outwardly, they can connect with others subtly through their writings, podcast messages, motivational talk shows, etc. These individuals can become excellent storytellers as well because of their rich imaginations and creativity.

Many INFJs choose careers in journalism, and content writing, or they become full-fledged authors of high esteem. Sometimes, they also pursue careers in graphic designing, fine arts, photography, etc. their rich creativity finds its expression through artworks of high regard.

INFJs are always focused on serving the community. Therefore, they may choose careers in NGOs, and community outreach programs so that they can serve people at large.

Any career role that gives them a sense of purpose and meaning can be a perfect choice for an INFJ type. They’re versatile, talented, and can perform perfectly in the job role assigned to them.

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The description of 20 career options for INFJ personalities

In this section of the article, we will describe in short all the career options for an INFJ type. 

1. Counselor

INFJs have the ability to deeply understand people and situations. They are sensitive and empathic. Thus, these people will work well in counseling centers that are meant to help people in need. Counseling is a service-oriented job role. INFJs would fit quite well in this job because they will lend patient ears to the problems people might be facing. 

Moreover, they will always offer a reasonable solution to them. INFJs can work as counselors in schools, educational institutions, government agencies, NGOs, etc. usually this job role gives them a sense of purpose and tends to be highly satisfactory for an INFJ personality type.

2. Special education teacher

As special educators, INFJs will have to work with children with special needs. Being a kind and considerate individual, this career role will match their core personality type. 

INFJs would love to impact others’ lives in positive ways. For them, teaching special needs children the art of living independently will be immensely rewarding. They will get an opportunity to help these kids become independent learners at their own pace and style. Moreover, they will cater to their mental health needs also. 

People with INFJ qualities are loving and patient. So, it would be easy for them to deal with the learning deficits of young children. They will plan individualized learning plans for each child depending upon their needs and abilities. This career will be a rewarding experience for an INFJ who always wishes to contribute positively to community building.

3. Human resource manager

INFJs would fit in well in an office where they are supposed to handle various aspects of a human resource department. These individuals are capable of managing people and resources quite efficiently. 

They will plan the administrative hiring duties as effectively as possible. People with INFJ preferences are thoughtful and insightful. Thus, they will scan through people’s minds clearly. In this way, they will recruit the right person for the right job. 

As they are organized and meticulous, they will be able to guide the new employee through the recruitment procedures, onboarding, etc. Moreover, they will be able to plan the compensation package of the person as per the market standards for that particular role.

These individuals will comply with the rules of the organization and will work for the overall benefit of all. Confrontations between employees can be handled well by an INFJ manager because they are reserved with their emotions.

These individuals will maintain law and order, and peace at all costs within the organization. Therefore, a human resource manager is a good career role for an INFJ personality type.

4. Environmentalist

INFJs are nature lovers. This career opportunity will be highly rewarding for them because they will be able to plan and chalk out various strategies to make Mother Earth a sustainable place for all living beings. As environmentalists, they will have diverse responsibilities to delegate for the overall benefit of all humans and living beings on this planet. 

This career role entails responsibilities like pollution control, saving trees to save lives, stopping deforestation, conservation of water reserves, looking after wildlife, and analyzing the nitty gritty of sustainable ecological health for all. 

INFJs can plan ahead because of their intuitive nature. Thus, they will be quick to foresee future environmental hazards that could harm humans and life in general. 

Then, they will be quite proactive to take up necessary steps to eliminate environmental issues successfully. This job role will bring out their natural propensity to plan and strategize resources quite effectively.

5. Social worker

Social work and community welfare jobs are always good career choices for an INFJ personality. These individuals are kind and considerate. They are the pioneers of justice and equality also. Moreover, their strong sense of values enables them to remain fair and non-judgmental to the needs of others. 

Being social workers, they will be able to enhance the lifestyle of the needy and underprivileged. They will be able to remove their life issues by helping the poor in varied ways. INFJs love to bring positive changes in others’ lives because they feel good whenever they get a chance to help others in need. 

6. Librarian

Being a librarian, an INFJ would get the opportunity to handle everything independently. These individuals prefer autonomy and prefer to remain as individual contributors in a large way. Thus, in a library setup, they will get the chance of managing things on their own. 

They will not be micromanaged in anyways. Moreover, they would love to get a quiet working environment as well. Being a librarian, they will also get the opportunity to participate in community outreach programs for young learners, just to inculcate reading habits in children for their future upliftment.

INFJs are typically resourceful and prefer to be in a job role that allows them to be who they are. Being a librarian enables autonomy in thinking and decision-making. They also prefer organizing everything, so bookkeeping and decorating the library in novel ways would be a rewarding experience for an INFJ personality type.

7. Writer

INFJs are always a good fit in creative careers. They’re deep thinkers and quite articulate as well as far as their language and communication style are concerned. Writing will be a good career opportunity for them. 

They will be able to speak their minds through words that can benefit everyone in society. Being a writer, they can also publish their own book or write informative content on the web for the greater good of everyone. 

INFJs can write anything from screenplay to songs, and technical stuff that can impart new knowledge to others. Being able communicators, they can write articles that are easily understandable and appealing in nature.

8. Life Coach

A life coach works with clients and people from all sections of society to improve the quality of their lives. Being affectionate and caring people, INFJs would love to help those in need. They will be able to help people make wise lifestyle choices for their overall improvement. 

INFJs can help clients identify their passion, know their strengths and remove the subtle weaknesses that might be stopping them from living their dream life. In this way, a life coach helps clients overcome the problems and issues of daily life and create a beautiful world for themselves. 

As life coaches, INFJs would be able to provide practical solutions and give advice on healthy choices that people can make to keep their physical and mental health in a sound state as always.

9. Artist

Being an artist, INFJs would get a chance to vent out their creative talents, that otherwise remains in a dormant state because of their quiet and reserved nature. Working with colors, texture, and layout plans of drawings is immensely rewarding for an INFJ. 

They will feel good about their creativity and feel privileged to be in a job that entails an independent working style as well. INFJs would find great joy and satisfaction when their artworks are acclaimed by others.

Being an artist also enables flexible working schedules. They will get a chance to avail alone time and think about ideas and imaginations of various sorts. In this career role, they can either work for themselves or for agencies that hire artists to fulfill various job needs.

10. Entrepreneur

INFJs are organized and meticulous. Their planning is perfect and outright neat. These personality traits would always help them set up their own business endeavors in successful ways. Setting up their own business allows for individual decision-making also.

 INFJs are also good at handling teams and inspiring others to work with their best potential. They have the ability to run the business in an efficient way. Planning resource allocation, and managing human resources in the best possible ways is always a good fit job role for an INFJ type.  

11. Doctor

INFJs can become efficient doctors because of their service-oriented nature. They are kind, caring, and dutiful. Thus, being a doctor would be a good career choice for them. Moreover, they are always keen to help others in need. 

Thus, as doctors, they will be able to support the ailing people who need immediate medical care. Being a doctor allows for planning treatment procedures and making strategies separately for each patient. Thus, INFJs would fit in well in such a demanding career role.

12. Nurse

Just like a doctor’s role, INFJs would also outshine others in a nurse’s career role. They’re compassionate and can help patients overcome the sufferings that come with a chronic illness. These individuals will be able to take care of others in the best possible way. They will be able to look after the sick and injured people in a loving way.

13. Nutritionist

INFJs will always shine in career roles that are meant to help and assist others in need. Being a nutritionist, they will be able to make healthy meal plans with their clients for their healthy lifestyles. Moreover, if a client is sick or unwell, then they can reassess their dietary needs and communicate the same to the clients. 

This career role is a rewarding experience for an INFJ because they’ll get the chance to improve the lifestyle habits of others and help them overcome weight issues or health hazards that they might be suffering from. Being a nutritionist, an INFJ will clarify information to the clients regarding food habits, exercise regimes, and sleep habits as well. 

Seeing others’ in good health will give an INFJ immense joy and personal satisfaction like none other. 

14. Professor/Teaching

Teaching is always a good career option for an INFJ type. In this role, they will be able to break down complex learning matters in easy formats and help children learn easily. INFJs are good mentors because they will always offer practical solutions to issues that children face in their daily life.

Being a teacher and professors, they will get a chance to nurture young talents in newer ways as per the need of the hour. 

The duties of a teacher would be to plan lessons, develop worksheets, correct those worksheets from time to time and give valuable feedback to the students for their overall progress. These job descriptions will be easily handled by an INFJ type because of their great organizational skills.

15. Language teacher

Being language teachers, they’ll help children and young adults, or just anyone learns the basics and advanced levels of proper language usage. INFJs are able communicators. Moreover, their written and verbal communication is equally great. This helps them to teach the nitty gritty of any language in easy ways to their students and clients.

16. Business and law

This is another good career opportunity for an INFJ personality type. INFJs can become business trendsetters. They have good business sense and it’s not impossible for them to set up new businesses of their own and run them efficiently. 

some INFJs would also do good in corporate law. They have the ability to handle business disputes in peaceful ways. Their patient and considerate nature can help them resolve business conflicts in the best possible way.

17. Pharmacists

INFJs are organized and efficient with all types of work. They’re dedicated and devoted to responsible jobs such as that of a pharmacist. In this job role, they will get the chance to contribute directly to the healthcare industry. 

These people will feel privileged to manufacture life-saving drugs that can save lives across communities. INFjs will be entitled to the responsibility to store drugs under healthy laboratory conditions and provide them to hospitals and drug stores whenever needed. This job will entail independent decision-making and responsibility that an INFJ would fulfill eagerly.

18. Psychologist

Being a psychologist, The INFJ personality would be able to help people suffering from mental health issues. They will impart knowledge about healthy lifestyle choices that would keep their anxiety far away. This is again a service industry job that INFJs would be a good fit for as always.

19. Research associate

INFjs are deeply curious and inquisitive. They’re keen to know the basics of every small thing around them. Thus, a research associate or scientist job would be a good career choice for them. In this job role, they will get a chance to dive deep into the unknown learnings. Moreover, it will feed their curious mindset by allowing them to enhance the knowledge that they always crave.

Research associates work in government labs, investment banks, in various work profiles that focus on knowing the unknown facts and data that are relevant to resolve current issues in society.

20. Office manager

As office managers, INFJs would be able to do routine tasks in the office such as managing daily files, managing the assets and liabilities of the company, etc. INFjs don’t mind routine jobs. They prefer doing systematic work every day. Thus, this job role won’t be a bad option for these organized freaks.

INFJ Careers to avoid

There are certain career roles that INFJs should avoid completely, not because they will not be able to accomplish the assigned task successfully but because they will not receive the desired job satisfaction that they crave from their job role.

  • Sales Executive
  • Accounting
  • Police jobs
  • Military personnel
  • Surveyors
  • Paramedics
  • Finance
  • Politics
  • Restaurant manager
  •  Real estate agent
  •  Travel agent
  • Tax consultant
  • Chartered accountant
  • Property liaison officer
  • Advertising and marketing jobs

To Sum Up

The end note for this article suggests that INFJs should take up careers that are structured and methodical where they know what is expected of them in the job role. These individuals will thrive heartily in job roles that are warm, considerate, and cordial. 

People with INFJ preferences are also keen to work in career roles where they would get a chance to contribute to others in positive ways. Nothing can be more rewarding in a job role for an INFJ type than to see others flourish because of their kind actions. They’re the visionaries of a brighter and fairer society.