INFJ Stress Triggers and How Do They Cope With Stress

INFJs are both logical and emotional.  Thus, they suffer from regrets and resentments much more than others when things do not go as per their expectations. People with INFJ preferences cannot tolerate sensory overstimulation.

Mistakes are awful to INFJs

INFJs tend to set high work standards for themselves and others. Therefore, they cannot accept mistakes and slip-offs in their daily work.

Too much competition can overwhelm them

For an INFJ personality type, too much completion is stressful because they cannot handle the pressure that comes with this competitive mindset.

Social injustice is irksome for an INFJ

People with this personality type are moved by injustice and social toxicity. Being a feeling-judging type, it is all the more important for an INFJ to bring social justice to its rightful place in the community.

Unpredictability is stiff and crippling

Being a judging personality type, INFJs feel trapped when they cannot make plans ahead of executing something on time.

Keeping track of too much detailing

Another factor that can be a source of stress for INFJs is their inability to see through the details of a situation. INFJs prefer to see the big picture and think about future possibilities of a situation.

Comparisons with others

INFJs are self-sufficient and independent-minded. They hate being compared with others in any way. Growing up, they have learned to remain independent in their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

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