INFJs are reserved, quiet, and prefer a private life. ENFJs derive their mental energy by socialization, communication, and interaction with others.

INFJs means they use deep thinking and gut feeling deep inside before making a decision in life. ENFJs are can read people’s mind, intentions; thereby using all the external cues in decision making.

INFJs speak in a soft, gentle voice. They prefer one to one communication. ENFJs are loud, yet gentle and promising in their communication with others.

INFJs prefer solitude and they love reading, seeing movies all on their own. ENFJs are social butterflies with great energy and enthusiasm.

INFJs are reserved and prefer to do their job alone. ENFJs promote harmony and ‘we’ feeling in the group they belong to.

INFJs are less open-minded and can be stubborn at times. ENFJs are open-minded when it comes to understanding others’ opinions.

INFJs and ENFJs are mistaken because of their same cognitive functioning. However, the two types are different in terms of their order of preferences.